VMware Digital Workspace Newsletter - Week 43


Week 43 -  2022







Weekly highlight:



Workspace ONE Access Services updates

  • New Admin Console Navigation on by Default
  • Based on the successful launch of the Workspace ONE Access console navigation re-design, the new navigation toggle at the header of your Workspace ONE Access console will now be switched on to see the new navigation by default for all users. For an overview of the changes, see the Workspace ONE Access Console Features and Settings topic, Navigating in the Latest Workspace ONE Admin Console section. The toggle will be removed in December 2022.


Re-designed User Engagement Dashboard

  • The User Engagement Dashboard in the Workspace ONE Access console displays information about users and resources. You can see who is signed in, which applications are being used, and how often the applications are being accessed. You can create reports to track users and group activities and resource usage. The re-designed UI is updated to the Workspace ONE standards. You can now find the number of Unique User Logins Today below the total number of users and groups available in Workspace ONE Access. Total Logins Over Time will show you the weekly login dynamics.
  • For more information, refer to this Release Notes

Workspace ONE Hub Services updates available 

  • View End-user Intelligent Hub Notification Engagement Analytics in Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • Admins can view notification engagement analytics of their end-users' interactions of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub notifications in the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence console. This includes notification metrics like viewed, opened, dismissed, and actioned on. To enable this ability, authorize the Hub Services connector in Workspace ONE Intelligence. You can then build dashboards to visualize the notification engagement analytics. You can also navigate to https://developer.vmware.com/samples to leverage pre-defined notification analytics dashboard templates.
  • Note: Hub notification analytics are collected from the Hub Web portal, Windows Hub, macOS Hub, iOS Hub 22.10 and Android Hub 22.10.
  • Additional Device Attributes are Now Available from the Support Tab
  • Users can view more device attributes about their managed or registered devices from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app Support tab. In the Support tab, when a user selects a device, they can click on Show All Device Identifiers to see more device details to assist with any troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Note: This is currently supported on Hub Web portal and Windows Hub.

For more information, refer to this Release Notes


KB Updates (Highlights)

Upcoming VMware Workspace ONE Environment Maintenance

  • In order to further improve the security posture of Workspace ONE UEM, the default HTTP to HTTPS redirect will be removed from hosted endpoints for your environment on Monday, November 14th 2022 7:00pm GMT - Monday, November 14th 2022 11:00pm GMT EST.
  • Customers are advised to update any bookmarks and hard coded applications that may be using HTTP to HTTPs before Monday, November 14th 2022 7:00pm GMT - Monday, November 14th 2022 11:00pm GMTEST.
  • After this date, no hosted endpoints will respond to HTTP requests. 





Week 43 Software Releases


Android Launcher 22.10

What's New

  • Launcher Application Icon Enhancement
  • ALAU-171579: Allow custom branding for Action and Status bar 
    • As part of our continued efforts to enhance the Launcher User Interface, we have added new controls for the Action bar and status bar. With this release, the Administrators will be able to customize the title bar color, title text color, primary accent color, status bar color and highlight color. 
  • ALAU-172056 Set Maximum Screen timeout to Never 

Fixed Bugs

  • ALAU-172062: Launcher gets stuck on ‘Loading Workspace’ after adding a new version to Launcher profile 
  • ALAU-172105: Incorrect translation for ‘App is downloading’ on French localized devices 
  • ALAU-172115: Pressing ‘Login’ button on Launcher sometimes does not show fields to enter credentials until App Cache is cleared
  • ALAU-172144: Recent Task List button is displayed in Launcher on Samsung OS 12 devices until profile is reloaded
  • ALAU-172160: White title bar and status bar theme is applied in dark theme
  • ALAU-172161: Folder with apps disappear on reload Intermittently.


Android Boxer 22.10

macOS Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS 22.10

  •  HUBM-6061 Console UI app install status on the Device details view has been corrected
  •  HUBM-6014 Translation of buttons during enrollment has been corrected
  •  HUBM-6000 Passcode Change Pop-up screen on macOS device doesn't appear after "ignore" is selected. This has been corrected. 


Horizon Horizon Cloud Service 2210 - 26.10.22

  • Multiple DaaS services that depended on running as root user are now updated to run with limited privileges that help mitigate potential remote code execution vulnerabilities.
  • Administrators can now choose to have UAGs inherit NTP settings from the Pod configuration.
  • For Horizon deployments starting with Horizon 8 2209, depending on how you want your golden image to be managed, you can change the golden image and snapshot source in your pools from vCenter to Image Catalog or the reverse.
  • Administrators using Horizon7 and Horizon8 can now use the Horizon Cloud Service' Image Management to publish images to Google Cloud based Horizon environments. This feature is available upon request and will require a specific minimum version cloud connector/patch.


Horizon Cloud Service Next Gen 2210 - 27.10.22

  • You can now validate an image for errors or prerequisites during or after publishing to ensure that the image can be used to successfully provision the pool templates.
  • If an image fails to publish, you can now restart the publish task, which resumes from the last completed task stage before the failure.
  • Horizon Agent Update
    • You can now manually check Horizon Agent versions to determine if updates are required.


Android Tunnel 22.09 - 26.10.22

  • Introducing Standalone Enrollment for the Android Tunnel client
  • PPAT-11093: Removed Android permission dependency that caused intermittent Tunnel client installation failures.
  • PPAT-11808: Resolved intermittent connection delays on Tunnel profile installation.


KB Articles 


iOS 16 privacy changes result in Friendly Name shown as "iPhone" upon device Check Out (89805)

  • Due to privacy features in Apple's new iOS 16 operating system, the name that end users give to their devices is hidden from third parties including us. This impacts users who are using Check-in/Check-Out and are using the Friendly Name to identify specific devices. 
  • At this time we will not be making changes to get the user set name for the device to preserve user privacy.
  • KB-Reference: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/89805?lang=en_US&source=email


MACOS-3318 - New versons of an existing Network payload profile do not properly save all settings (89904)

  • In Workspace ONE UEM environments with Data Driven UI enabled for macOS profiles, the "Protocol" settings, as well as other Network settings such as hidden network and auto-join, may not get saved if you edit and create a new version of an existing Network profile.

Any existing or newly published Network payloads will continue to function as expected. However, if you edit an existing payload, you will see that the "Protocol" keys in the UI do not reflect the previously configured settings, as well as subkeys under the Protocols section and other Network keys such as auto-join and hidden network. If republished, these keys will not be included in the updated payload.

  • The Workspace ONE UEM team is working on a resolution to the issue.
  • If a new version of an existing Network payload is needed, this can be done through the use of a "Custom Settings" XML-based payload. For your existing profile, select "XML" from the Profiles List View page. Copy the entire contents of the PayloadContents array item (from <dict> to </dict>). This can be the basis of a new version of the existing payload, by modifying the XML with any changes needed.

Alternately, if a new version of an existing payload is not explicitly needed, making a new Network profile with the desired settings configured can suffice.


Highlighting High Priority KBs


Recently updated or added KBs (Links)


Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates


3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News


Beta, Lab and Tech Preview Updates

  • WS1 Notebook 22.11 for iOS
    • Bug fixes and crashes
    • Quality improvements
    • SDK v22.09
  • Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager 22.10 for iOS
    • Configurable user presence protection for CTK extension.
    • Support to pass on device identifier for enabling UEM connector.
    • iOS 16 Support.
  • Workspace ONE Content 22.10
    • Support for .MSG file format – This feature allows users to preview .MSG file in Content app. They will be able to save, send the file from the app.
    • Support for Android 13
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 22.10 for Windows
    • HUBW-4271: Support for ARM64 for Windows
    • HUBW-6126: Restrict simple pin/password for BitLocker
    • HUBW-4697: Support BitLocker Single Use Recovery Key (Requires Console 2210)
    • HUBW-7177: Accessibility improvements to make the Hub Catalog more accessible.
    • Bug Fixes
  • Workspace ONE PIV-D Manager 22.10 for iOS
    • Configurable user presence protection for CTK extension.
    • Support to pass on device identifier for enabling UEM connector.
    • iOS 16 Support
  • Workspace ONE Notebook 22.11 for Android
    • Quality improvements
    • SDK update


Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 43-2022






  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.06
    • Patch Level
    • MACOS-3400: MacOS DDUI Network device profile not showing "username" option under EAP-TLS protocol.
    • MACOS-3383: macOS DDUI - Certificate is not referenced correctly in Network payload.
    • FCA-204170: A single call to "/api/mdm/devices/search" makes around 3000 calls to DB and stressing the same.
    • CRSVC-32845: Improve compliance flow at "/api/mdm/devices/search" to reduce DB calls
    • CRSVC-32786: Notifications for VPP App Auto Update will no longer be sent to Admin Console post UEM upgrade to 2206 due to error in GetCoreUsersByLocationGroupIdAsync call.
    • CMSVC-16561: Replace TagsDeviceStateIntegrationFeatureFlag with DeviceStateInterfaceEnabledFeatureFlag.
    • AMST-37331: Compromised status change for Mac Devices are flooding Event Logs table.
    • AMST-37309: Device identifier and UDID mismatch for any reason should not unenroll device.
    • AMST-37304: Since upgrading (2204) Custom profiles are not installing for newly enrolled Windows devices.
    • AGGL-13170: setAvailableProductSet EMM API call fails due to SQL truncation Error.
    • AAPP-14774: Cannot enable device assignment for certain VPP applications.
    • CRSVC-32685: Unable to delete some devices from UEM through UI or API.
    • AGGL-13160: Observed 500-Internal server error response for app details API across multiple UEM servers.
    • https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/2206/rn/vmware-workspace-one-uem-powered-by-airwatch-2206-release-notes/index.html#resolved-issues-226011-patch-resolved-issues
    • Last Update: CW43