Managing macOS with Workspace ONE UEM new features

With macOS Ventura released, i wanted to highlight a couple of new features in Workspace ONE UEM for managing macOS:

Release Notes Workspace ONE UEM 2209

Release Notes Workspace ONE UEM 2206

Controlling macOS updates with macOS Updater Utility:

Recently a new community utility has been released to help you macOS admins to control the OS versions with Workspace ONE UEM. With macOS Ventura this can really help you getting all your macOS devices up to date:

A detailed techzone article takes you through the entire configuration of the tool:

Erase All Contents and Settings for Apple Silicon:

With the release of Apple Silicon Macs can be erased without reinstalling macOS. This option is now also available from Workspace ONE UEM. The command will be triggered by the Device Wipe from the console:

Note: EACS option is available only for macOS 12.0.1 with Apple Silicon or the Apple T2 Security chip, and later devices.

MobileConfig file support:

As long as i can remember we are able to upload custom iOS profiles through the UEM console. Now with with Workspace ONE UEM 2209 this is now (native) build in to the console:

When you add a new profile and want to upload a profile:

Now there is also the option to upload a macOS profile:

This is extremely helpful when you are moving between different MDM solutions. Now you can export the .mobileconfig file and upload it directly in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Update Intelligent Hub and manage the version:

With an manual enrollment of macOS the way you would control the Intelligent Hub version is to download the Hub through and use that to enroll the device.

But most companies these days are using Automated Device Enrollment program from Apple to enroll there devices. This means macOS will be enrolled after the Setup Assistant and will download the Intelligent Hub directly from your console (if SaaS The version of the Intelligent Hub will be depended on the version of you UEM Console, as it will not exceed the version of the console.

For example, if you UEM Console is updated to the latest release: 2209. Newly enrolled macOS will automatically receive the newest macOS Hub version: 22.08.x. 

If you have enabled Automatic Updates this will also update the Intellingt Hub on your enrolled macOS devices (if your console will be updated):

This is more than fine in most cases, but sometimes you would want to control the version of the Intelligent Hub and upgrade to the version that you have tested (manual through

Now with Workspace ONE UEM 2209 this is possible and you control the version of the Intelligent Hub:

Groups and settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple macOS > Intelligent Hub Settings:

Note: This feature is still in rollout, so if you already have Workspace ONE UEM 2209 running, this feature is rolling out across all the SaaS tenants. This should come to your console soon!

Freestyle Improvements:

Beside new default timeout and retry values for your workflows:



There is also improvements to the conditions in macOS Workflows. In my last blog i explained an important use case to update On Demand Applications with Freestyle:

Before Workspace ONE UEM 2209, for macOS the only condition that was available to check on the device was sensors. Now with 2209 and Intelligent Hub 2208 on the device, there is also an option to check on File and/or Applications on the device:

This opens up a whole new world of Freestyle use cases for macOS. More improvements and features will come to Freestyle Orchestrator. Keep an eye out for my blog for more Freestyle use cases.

I'm curious what you would like to see in Freestyle Orchestrator, leave in the comments below!