VMware Digital Workspace Newsletter - Week 42


Week 42 -  2022





Weekly highlight:



Horizon 2209 releases

  • Horizon 2209 releases (VMware Horizon, VMware Horizon Clients, VMware App Volumes, VMware Dynamic Environment Manager) are GA as of 10/20/2022!
  • What's new?
  • Horizon Server & Instant Clone
  • NIAP common criteria completion
  • Horizon 8 support for Amazon Workspaces
  • Support for vSphere 8.0 / vSAN 8.0
  • Additional REST APIs available
  • Enable admin to edit existing Horizon 8 pools to switch to using IMS
  • Instant Clone Forensics - Alerting capability


  • NIAP for Windows, Android Client & Agent
  • Mac scanner redirection
  • Reverse connect for Titan

App Volumes

  • Agent Recovery after AVM Outage
  • Support for vSphere 8.0 / vSAN 8.0
  • Tested Stage Upon Import


  • Support for granular configuration of personalization sub features for specific group of users or devices
  • Support for skip removing local profile at logoff for a specific group of users or devices
  • For fuller release content per product, see the "What's New" section in release notes linked below.


Horizon Client for Windows

Horizon Server

Horizon Client for Android

Horizon Client for iOS

Horizon Client for Chrome

Horizon Client for Linux

Horizon HTML Access







Workspace ONE Hub Services updates 

  • View End-user Intelligent Hub Notification Engagement Analytics in Workspace ONE Intelligence
  • Admins can view notification engagement analytics of their end-users' interactions of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub notifications in the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence console. This includes notification metrics like viewed, opened, dismissed, and actioned on. To enable this ability, authorize the Hub Services connector in Workspace ONE Intelligence. You can then build dashboards to visualize the notification engagement analytics. You can also navigate to https://developer.vmware.com/samples to leverage pre-defined notification analytics dashboard templates.
    Note: Hub notification analytics are collected from the Hub Web portal, Windows Hub, macOS Hub, iOS Hub 22.10 and Android Hub 22.10
  • Additional Device Attributes are Now Available from the Support Tab
  • Users can view more device attributes about their managed or registered devices from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app Support tab. In the Support tab, when a user selects a device, they can click on Show All Device Identifiers to see more device details to assist with any troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Note: This is currently supported on Hub Web portal and Windows Hub.

For more information, refer to this Release Notes



Apple Business Manager Update - Updated agreements

  • On October 24th, 2022, Apple will post updated versions of operating system software license agreements to Apple Business Manager. Once posted, your organization won’t be able to enroll devices or deploy new apps until an administrator signs in to Apple Business Manager and accepts the following agreements: 
    • iOS and iPadOS Software License Agreement
    • macOS Software License Agreement

Updated versions of the software license agreements are available to review here. 


Workspace ONE Access: VMware Verify End-of-Life Migration Paths (88424)

  • VMware Verify will reach end-of-availability date (EoA) and end-of-support (EoS) on October 31st, 2022 for cloud-hosted Workspace ONE Access customers. The end-of-support date for on-premises Workspace ONE Access customers is November 30th, 2022. This one month extension for on-premises customers was announced in September 2022 on Knowledge Base article 89465. The mobile application will be removed from the App Store and Play Store on on October 31st, 2022, which impacts all customers.
    Users will also be unable to use the VMware Verify application for any second-factor authentication on the EoS date. An email announcement of the EoA and EoS dates was first sent to all customers entitled to use VMware Verify on November 11th, 2021.
  • While Intelligent Hub Verify is our solution targeted for customers with Workspace ONE UEM integrations, we have been and are continuing to invest in additional multi-factor (MFA) and password-less authentication capabilities to enable any user, with any device, to access corporate applications securely.
  • See these MFA options in the KB and review the most appropriate options for your customer use cases.
  • More information: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/88424


Out Of Turn Hub Upgrades for WS1 UEM patches (89723)

  • Per UEM architecture, macOS Intelligent Hub upgrades are routinely performed with each UEM release.

When a newer version of Workspace ONE UEM is released, this includes the preinstalled macOS HUB binaries associated with each major release.

As an example, Workspace ONE UEM 2206 includes macOS Intelligent HUB (2208). This is per product design.

For certain deployments (Dedicated SaaS, On-Premise) UEM customers have historically requested out-of-turn Intelligent Hub seeding in order to validate certain Hub deployments for UAT, or for break/fix scenarios.

  • Going forward please note that requests for newer Hub applications to UEM patches will not be performed to avoid interruptions and problems with Hub. Instead the Hub will be updated during UEM patching and upgrades for dedicated SaaS environments

As a temporary resolution for On-Premise deployments, it is possible to modify certain scheduled tasks which in turn will resolve any issues caused by out-of-turn Hub seeding. Please see the "Workaround" Section below.


Users prompted with Windows login screen when launching RDSH applications to a single server. (89811)

  • 1. Windows login prompt while launching any published application from horizon client
    2. Below error log can be seen in the Horizon agent DEBUG log file:
     "[ws_winauth] getTrustedDomains: Error while enumerating domains, base domain = "(null)", Windows API error code 1717"
  • This issue will happen if any interface resets are done.

Mostly seen on instant clone setups where there is periodic refresh.

During these resets, it is possible that Node manager service (WSNM) comes up successfully then the NetLogon service fails.

Due to this domain enumeration fails as windows API fails to get domain from domain server.

  • Increase the number of retries(Default value is 6) for Domain enumeration by configuring below registry key
    to a higher value and see if the agent is able to successfully retrieve user domain:
    HKLM\Software\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\DomainEnumMaxTries

    The current resolution works for windows error code 1717 (RPC_S_UNKNOWN_IF) and 1722 (RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE)
  • Complete KB: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/89811?lang=en_US&source=email


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