Managing patches and upgrades Workspace ONE UEM (D)SaaS


Dedicated SaaS and Dedicated Latest 

If you own a Workspace ONE UEM Dedicated SaaS (DSAAS) environment you should have the option to schedule upgrades. The advantage of scheduling your own upgrades is that you can do this outside of office hours and you can maintain your own pace of upgrading your consoles(s) This will allow you to have enough time to test the new features before releasing it in to production.

If you don't mind your console always running the latest release and patch version, for that we released Dedicated Latest mode last year:

With Dedicated Latest your environment will always be updated to the latest release without any action required. This will happen at your best time and you will be notified when this happens. Dedicated Latest also means you will receive the updates sooner than the normal Dedicated SaaS release. This is mentioned in the release notes, 'normal' Dedicated SaaS customers will receive the option to upgrade in the last phase:

Phase 1: Demo and UATs

This are the pre-release consoles of Workspace ONE UEM, if you don't have access to it talk to your VMware representative to get it. It will allow you to be the first to test out the new features that we are releasing.

Phase 2: Shared SaaS environments

This are the Shared SaaS environments where more than one customer is hosted on. 

Phase 3: Dedicated latest environments

Like mentioned above in phase 3 the Dedicated Latest environments will be upgraded. 

After Phase 3 is completed the 'normal' Dedicated Latest and On Premise customers will receive the upgrade.


Now with the new release of the My Workspace ONE portal, there is now an option to schedule patches:

Patches are becoming more and more important, specifically if you use a broad set of different features and capabilities of Workspace ONE UEM. Every week there are new fixes and even features releases through patches. You can follow the latest details on all the patches at the bottom of every VMware Digital Workspace Newsletter:

Also the patches are added to the release notes of the specific version that you are running. My advice is to bookmark those pages and return to them to check for new patches. Also there is an option to sign up for RSS:

Please take a look if there are new patches that could help with your current situation and schedule them. I would suggest making advantage of the new patching option in My Workspace ONE and try to patch your environment as often as possible. Also patches in the most cases won't even cause downtime and thus can be executed during normal office hours.

How to schedule a patch or upgrade:

Login to My Workpace ONE: with your My VMware account. If you don't have an account, you can create one with your company email address. 

After you have logged in you should see My Company after you click on the ribbon to the top left:

If you don't see My Company, please create a ticket at VMware Support to help you get access.

In My Company you should see your Workspace ONE UEM environment(s):


If there is a new version available for your environment it will tell you and you will be able to schedule either a upgrade and now also a patch:

If you choose to schedule a patch, this will always be the newest one to your console version. So for example if you have Workspace ONE UEM 22.03.xx it will be patched to the latest version of UEM 22.03.xx. 

Clicking on schedule a major version upgrade will allow you to choose to whatever version you have available to your environment. (keep in mind the release notes and the different phases that i described)