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VMworld Security Recap 2020

VMworld Security Recap 2020  In this blog I'll take you through the security highlights of VMworld 2020. There was just too much exciting news at VMworld that i am only going to cover the important security related news.   Security was a very important topic at VMworld last week. In the Solutions Keynote with Sanjay Poonen (COO VMware) Intrinsic Security , security was discussed in high detail. In this session. Sanjay Poonen talks about how the world has changed in the past year and what role security plays here. The COO from Zoom; Aparna Bawa joins the session to tell the story about how Zoom managed this last year. Very interesting story where she talks about how the demand for Zoom has exploded over the past year and how they were able to meet this demand with clever use of VMware technology.     Security can be found across the entire VMware product portfolio . Within the data center with vSphere , networking with VMware NSX,  endpoint management with Workspace ONE & secur

Configure Shared iPad for Apple Business Manager in Workspace ONE

In this blog i will take you through the steps to configure Apple Shared iPad for Apple Business Manager in Workspace ONE UEM   A little introduction about Shared iPad for Apple Business Manager:   Shared iPad is a technology that is integrated into iPadOS to allow multiple users to use the same iPad. With the use of Managed Apple ID a user can login to an iPad and it will download their settings and application data from iCloud. After logout the application data will be stored on the device for later use and faster login:   Apple created this technology years ago exclusively for education with Apple School Manager . This meant that the Shared iPad technology was only available to Schools and Universities.    March 2020 this changed as Apple introduced Shared iPad for Apple Business Manager with the release of iPadOS 13.4. This means that now every organization can implement this technology. To use Shared iPad there are a couple of requirements:   iPadOS 13.4 Apple School Manager or A