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VMware Digital Workspace Newsletter - Week 20

                           Week 20 -  2022             Weekly highlight:   Workspace ONE Hub Services  & Workspace ONE Access updates:   Removing the 3-Character Limit for People Search People Search (on Hub Web) will now allow searching with just one or two characters instead of the usual 3-character search. This enables support for searching names in logographic languages like Chinese, Japanese, etc.   Workflows Error Handling – Email Alerts upon failures Workspace ONE Experience Workflows error handling has been improved to send email alerts directly to Administrators   when a scheduled process fails to run successfully for any reason. All integration packs will now have an additional configuration parameter to include an email address to receive these notifications.   Saviynt Access Request Integration Pack for Workspace ONE Experience Workflows Hub Services customers with Workspace ONE Experience Workflows enabled can configure an integration with   Saviynt   to notify approve

VMware Digital Workspace Newsletter - Week 12

                           Week 12 -  2022             Weekly highlight:    ENRL-3362 - Enrollment Blocked if the device that was Registered Earlier is now added to “Allow Device” (87921) Device registration records already consumed by enrolling devices can later be updated to Allow/Deny records via UI or via batch import. When such a change is made, re-enrollment of the device is blocked even if an Allow record was created for it. Workspace ONE UEM 2105 Unenroll the device which is registered and add the record to "Allow Device" list and try enrolling the device. Enrollment gets blocked for those devices. This issue has no affect on fresh device enrollment and it will only affect device re-enrollment. Our product team has been notified and is working to address this issue in a timely manner. Please subscribe to this article to receive updates when they are available. Workaround: Before creating Allow/Deny records, you must search if the records for those attributes exist. If