VMworld Security Recap 2020

VMworld Security Recap 2020 

In this blog I'll take you through the security highlights of VMworld 2020. There was just too much exciting news at VMworld that i am only going to cover the important security related news.


Security was a very important topic at VMworld last week. In the Solutions Keynote with Sanjay Poonen (COO VMware) Intrinsic Security, security was discussed in high detail. In this session. Sanjay Poonen talks about how the world has changed in the past year and what role security plays here. The COO from Zoom; Aparna Bawa joins the session to tell the story about how Zoom managed this last year. Very interesting story where she talks about how the demand for Zoom has exploded over the past year and how they were able to meet this demand with clever use of VMware technology.



Security can be found across the entire VMware product portfolio . Within the data center with vSphere , networking with VMware NSX,  endpoint management with Workspace ONE & securing data with Virtual Desktops with Horizon. In all of these products security is becoming more important, but also managing it becomes more difficult. Especially when this is done with a high diversity of different tools. VMware is simplifying this by offering one security layer that can be placed over all these products. VMware calls this Intrinsic Security. Instead of using different security tools, VMware combines this power into one centralized security solution.  Important security components are the receent acquisitions of Carbon Black & Velocloud. With Carbon Black, one product is used to secure both the servers in the data center and the endpoints  like Windows & Mac laptops or desktops. Velocloud ensures that Enterprise organizations can secure the connection to their cloud applications.


I like to share a couple of security specific announcements of VMworld 2020:



VMware SASE Platform



With the acquisition of Nyansa and Velo Cloud VMware has now added SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) technologies to their portfolio.


Due to the transition to the Cloud and working from home seems to be becoming the 'new' normal, securing outside the infrastructure is becoming more and more important. This is where SASE comes into play. With this VMware combines a couple of products in to one security solution:






This allows the customer access to a unified solution that enables a high level of security in both the infrastructure as in the Cloud; Zero Trust. This makes the transition to the cloud  much easier and secure.




VMware Workspace Security VDI

With Workspace Security for VDI, Carbon Black is now available within VMware 's VDI solution; VMware Horizon. Next-gen antivirus is now available in the Virtual Desktops and Virtual Applications of VMware in the Workspace ONE bundle. The product is fully integrated into vSphere and VMware tools, eliminating the need to install or maintain a client or agent on the Virtual Machines: 'agentless'


Carbon Black Cloud Workload offers the possibility of an 'agentless' security within the vSphere datacenters of VMware . This allows security to be provided directly from the Cloud within vSphere. The product is available as an addition to your vSphere environment.


Since VMworld it’s possible to use Carbon Black Cloud Workload free as a trial version within your vSphere environment. Please note this is only for vSphere customers (On Premise or SaaS) and the trial version runs until the end of April 2021.


VMware Workspace Security Remote


With VMware Workspace Security Remote , VMware merges 3 major products ; Workspace ONE (for managing endpoints) Carbon Black (for securing endpoints) and Workspace ONE Assist (for taking control of endpoints )

With this, VMware offers one solution to support and protect the users who are working  from home.