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Workspace ONE | Use ADFS as an Identity Provider in Workspace ONE Access with JIT

Let's say you have your LDAP directory connected to your VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) environment. This will provide access to your resources for your employees. After a user logs in to the Workspace ONE console with their AD credentials, it will show the resources they are assigned to: But what if your company collaborate with other companies that want to access that same resources. You obviously don't want to connect all those LDAP directories and sync the users and groups to your vIDM environment. For this we can use something that's called a Third Party Identity Provider or 3rd party IDP. vIDM supports all sorts of IDP's, like for example ADFS, Okta or Ping identity. In this blog i will take you through the steps to setup and configure your vIDM to connect to an external ADFS environment: ADFS Configuration First ADFS need to be configured properly, to set this up the following requirements are needed: - Signed SSL Certificate - Windows Server - Active Directory