VMware EUC Newsletter - Week 40



Weekly highlight:



Announcing Dedicated SaaS Availability of VMware Workspace ONE UEM Cloud 2306

  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM Cloud 2306 is available to Dedicated SaaS customers as of October 3, 2023!   
  • See the [KB] and [DOCS] for release notes.


EUC Flings - Now on GitHub


  • LHLauncher is a utility designed to streamline the application launching process in a Windows environment. Integrated with Workspace ONE Hub, it offers a secure and efficient way to manage and launch locally installed applications from the hub and App Catalog. The utility enables a centralized approach to managing application settings by reading configurations from the Windows Registry. It also offers SSL/TCP communication capabilities to ensure secure interactions.

Forklift version 3.0.3

  • The Forklift for Workspace ONE UEM Fling allows migration of Workspace ONE UEM Resources between different Workspace One UEM environments. Rapid deployment of resources bundled as a "Deployment Template". Lastly the creation of a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for resources.

MacOS update utility

  • The macOS Updater Utility (mUU) keeps your Mac device fleet up to date by prompting users to update to your specified version of macOS. If necessary, mUU will force users to update their OS. mUU utilizes Apple's MDM Commands to download and install updates via the Workspace ONE UEM API. mUU will allow you to specify max number of deferrals, deferral grace period, and more! Read more to find out how to deploy this solution using Workspace ONE UEM.





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Apps on Demand: Mastering the Eight Activities of Modern App Management

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EUC Customer Success Quarterly Webcast Series

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What’s New with Horizon Cloud Service next-gen and Improving VMware Horizon User Experience with Workspace ONE Intelligence
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VMware Digital Workspace Virtual Customer Success Roundtable

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Release Updates Week 40: 


Workspace ONE Tunnel for iOS 23.06.2

  • PPAT-15189: Connection to internal websites fail intermittently on IPv6 networks.




EUC UX Research Opportunities  

  • Our goal is to gather insight into user behaviors, motivations, and goals, so we can use those insights to inform and strengthen product and design decisions.
  • Interested in giving your opinion and making your voice heard? Check out what’s available!
  • Bonus: We give VMWare swag to Customers who participate 

EUC Product/Feature


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Horizon Next-Gen (V2)

EUC Design wants to improve the experience when onboarding the new Next-Gen Horizon Cloud Service Console. Whether you’ve partially or fully onboarded, we want to better understand areas of challenge specifically with Pools, Pool Groups, and Entitlements.  

45-minute, 1x1 conversation via Zoom where we will walk through the onboarding flow via a staging environment and discuss the experience. 

Interviews begin the week of Oct 16. SIGN UP HERE

KB Highlights & Announcements Week 40: 

Workspace ONE UEM - Updated requirements for on-premise cumulative patches (94706)

  • The base GA version for current Workspace ONE UEM releases is being revised through updated installers. On-premise customers will need to consume a revised installer for a given major version before any future cumulative patches can be deployed for that major version. These revised installers are required to address compatibility issues with regular cumulative patches.


Workspace ONE UEM enrolled devices are intermittently getting enterprise wiped when upgraded to iOS 17 (94814)

  • Once the Workspace ONE UEM enrolled iOS mobile devices are upgraded with iOS 17, the Workspace ONE mobile SDK is auto-detecting these devices as compromised intermittently and performing the enterprise wipe. This process erases all enterprise data from these devices and un-enrols them from the system. 
    The product team has provided the fix for this issue.


End of Availability (EOA) and End of Life (EOL) Announcement of the Horizon Cloud Service First-Gen Control Plane (92424)

  • Update to the timeline for the End of Life (EOL) of the First-Gen Control Plane - The End of Life (EOL) of the First-Gen Control Plane target date has been changed to January 31, 2025


Known Issues with Horizon View and Microsoft Teams (90693)

  • On January 31, 2024, Microsoft will retire support for Microsoft Teams Single-window UI when using VDI Teams optimization and support only the Multi-Window experience. Microsoft gave notice of this deprecation on 9/8/2023 in the M365s Admin Center (Post ID: MC674419). 
    Customers need to upgrade their Horizon agents and client versions to version 2103 or later to continue to use optimized video calling and screen sharing.  


Splash screen is displayed every time a Workspace ONE Productivity App is opened in foreground on iOS 17 (94916)

  • The purpose of this KB is to inform the customers and users who are experiencing a delay in opening Workspace ONE Productivity apps that this is a known issue that occurred due to the recent iOS 17 release and the engineering team is working on resolving it. 


VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS to end support for macOS versions prior to macOS 11 Big Sur (94552)

  • The upcoming release of Intelligent Hub 23.09 for macOS will be the final version of the Intelligent Hub to support macOS 10.15 Catalina. All versions of macOS 11 or greater will continue to be supported by the Intelligent Hub for macOS.  You can refer to the release notes of each Intelligent Hub version for specific macOS version support information.


High Priority KBs 


Recently updated or added KBs (Links) 


Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates 


3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News 


Beta, Lab and Tech Preview Updates 

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 23.09 for iOS

  • HUBI-10246: Accessibility Improvements for PCP
  • HUBI-10302: Accessibility Improvements for cells in the Account screen
  • HUBI-10301: Accessibility Improvements to the Privacy Screens
  • Bug Fixes


Workspace ONE Notebook 23.10 for Android

  • Bug fixes and Quality improvements


Workspace ONE Notebook 23.10 for iOS

  • Support for iOS 17
  • Bug fixes and Quality improvements


Horizon Clients 2309

  • Android:
    • Bug fixes and improvements


    • Bug fixes and improvements


    • Teams improvement
    • Add new GPO to control "screen recording" on Mac


    • Support ARM device with Emulation Compatible mode
    • GPO to control FIDO 2 WebauthN redirection


Workspace ONE Content 23.10 for iOS

  • Support for Integrated authentication using Workspace One SDK for the On-Prem Repositories
  • Bug Fixes:
    • ISCL-183327 - App crashes on photo capture after tapping on Original when user already in Original mode.


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October Software Releases 





Release Date




Release Notes



Console DSAAS


Release Notes



VM Tunnel


Release Notes



Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 40-2023 


  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.03




  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.10
    • Patch level
    • AAPP-16311: False APNS Notifications during Purchased App Sync.
    • AGGL-15328 : Remove EFOTA sample from microservices.
    • AGGL-15445: Unable to create Android profile with a Time Schedule whose UUID is NULL.
    • AMST-39476: The default 'Read Only' Admin role to view the Baseline is not working.
    • AMST-39539: Workaround for MSFT issue breaking SFD installation.
    • CMCM-190662:Workspace ONE UEM console shows spaceman error when viewing security tab for most macOS devices.
    • CMEM-186890: Powershell script and UEM side changes for EXO V3 Module.
    • CRSVC-39278: Certificate password is null.
    • FCA-205773: AirWatchSSP is terminated with Unhandled Profile Installation Exception.
    • FS-2212: Not able to get the App in Edit workflow screen for the existing workflow.
    • INTEL-51754: Update current device enrollment user delta export to include delete operation.
    • MACOS-3991: MacOS profile repeatedly encounters Device Profile Corrupted error.
    • https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/2210/rn/vmware-workspace-one-uem-2210-release-notes/index.html
    • Last Update: CW37


  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.12
    • Patch Level
    • FCA-206083: Unable to send the Push Notifications or Email notifications using Bulk Management.
    • AAPP-16457: Unable to upload an application with multiple info.plist on the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    • ARES-26475: Modify sync logic to queue command when previous status is pending release with No pending commands.
    • AGGL-15522: Unable to send application configuration for internal app.
    • FCA-205868: Make ToString() culture independent for correcting device report.
    • ARES-26451: Inactive update profiles were removed from machines automatically causing the devices unnecessary upgrade to Windows 11.
    • CMCM-190728: Status of document in content detail report is not correct.
    • AAPP-16442: Update device information query cellular keys.
    • UM-8332: Administrator with two roles is unable to view the user role that was created by the administrator.
    • MACOS-4062: macOS 14 ADE enrollment fails if Custom Enrollment is off.
    • CMCM-190638: Large file uploads from app to repository fails.
    • CRSVC-41360: Conditional access audit event timings are not localized per admin time zone.
    • https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/2212/rn/vmware-workspace-one-uem-2212-release-notes/index.html#Resolved%20Issues-
    • Last Update: CW40



  • Workspace ONE UEM 23.06
    • Patch Level
    • FS-4302: Step to purge orphan Workflow Status records fails in "Purge Expired Sample Data" job.
    • AMST-39764: WNS disconnected for multiple Windows devices.
    • ARES-26473: Windows Intelligent Hub and OMADM Client reporting different versions for the same application.
    • FCA-206095: Spaceman error when accessing Organization Group List View page from customer Organization Group.
    • FCA-206048: Banner is not seeded into BannerFeature table.
    • AAPP-16513: High CPU and Memory usage by RestrictionsSampleLatest_Load.
    • FCA-206084: Unable to send the Push Notifications/Email notifications using Bulk Management.
    • https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/2306/rn/vmware-workspace-one-uem-2306-release-notes/index.html#Patch%20Resolved%20Issues
    • Last Update: CW40