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End of Life for Workspace ONE AirLift (89506)

  • The Workspace ONE AirLift tool will reach end-of-support (EoS) effective immediately and end-of-availability date (EoA) on October 31st, 2022. The Workspace ONE AirLift tool will be removed from the Workspace ONE portal on this date. Current Airlift installations will no longer be supported and no new updates will be made available. 
  • The Workspace ONE AirLift tool was used to accelerate deployments off of SCCM by providing an easy way to migrate applications and policy into Workspace ONE.  While this tool did provide some value in migrating applications, the value found in migrating Group Policy was limited.  VMware is committed to supporting those applications and policy migrations through investment in advanced tooling hosted on VMware {code} and new Baseline policy configurations within Workspace ONE.
  • Customers who have Workspace ONE AirLift should no longer leverage the tool for application and policy migration.
  • For customer looking to migrate applications, VMware has made app upload scripts available on VMware {code}. This code leverages the same Workspace ONE APIs and will provides admins with an automated way to migrate a large number of applications.   VMware has also written a step by step guide on using Workspace ONE APIs to upload Windows applications.
    For policy migrations, VMware recommends customer leverage Workspace ONE Baselines .  Workspace ONE UEM curates industry-recommended settings into one Baseline configuration to simplify securing your devices. Baselines reduce the time it takes to set up and configure Windows devices.  By moving to Baselines, customers will also avoid migrating legacy Group Policy that is prevalent in many legacy environments. 
  • Check the KB for further information: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/89506






MacOS Intelligent Hub 22.08

  • New option added to uninstall managed applications from App Catalog (supported from UEM Console 21.11 and Hub Services 22.07)
  • As of 22.08 for macOS 10.14 is no longer supported
  • General enhancements
    • Optimization of App list sample
    • Improvements have been made to HUB sensors error reporting
    • Munki upgraded to 5.7.2, MSAL to 1.2.2, and Python to 3.10.6
    • Product download from Relay Server improvements.
    • Native App Catalog UI Improvements.


Android Intelligent Hub 22.08

  • Generate Time-based one-time password
    • Customers who have previously used VMware verify as their 2FA app will be able to use Intelligent Hub to get their Time-Based One-Time Password (2FA code). 
  • Support for Survey Notifications
    • Users can now take surveys with different question types - NPS, free form text, multi choice etc. within Intelligent Hub app.
    • Survey will be sent as a notification to end users on Intelligent Hub and end users can find it in the For You tab.


iOS Intelligent Hub 22.08


    • Time-based one-time password (TOTP)
      • This allows the Intelligent Hub application to generate one-time passwords from a secret key
      • Setup can be found in the Account screen of Intelligent Hub
    • Background Images are now supported in the Explore, App, Favorites, People, For You and Support tabs
    • Accessibility Improvements


Getting Ready for Apple Fall 2022 Releases



URL Content Redirection does not work for Third Party Application on macOS 13 Beta. (89470)

  • The input URL within Third Party Application can’t be redirected from Mac client to agent side on macOS 13 beta.

[Reproduction Steps]

1. Launch Mac Client on macOS 13.0 Beta

2. Login to Horizon Server

3. Click using the URL Filter Application as the Third Party Application

4. Open the configured URL in the Notes

5. URL is not redirected to agent side


End user connection fails when WorkspaceONE only mode used for Horizon (89006)

  • The below error is seen:

    "This Horizon server expects to get your logon credentials from another application or server, not directly through the client login screen. If you usually access Horizon from another application, please launch that application."
  • General troubleshooting:

    Check Horizon connection server debug logs for more error details.
    Sometimes it may fail at workspace connector end during SAML resolution.
    Check on below:
    Timestamp of WorkspaceONE appliance and Horizon are in sync
  • More information: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/89006?lang=en_US&source=email


USB-R will be enabled when using an APFS removable storage disk. (89452)

  • The disk could be listed on the USB-R menu when the user uses the removable storage disk with APFS format.
  • 1. Drive could not be shared between VMs and Applications using the CD-R when the user uses USB-R.

2. Low performance when using the USB-R



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