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EUC TechInsights - Unlock the Possibilities of Android Management with Workspace ONE

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Unlock the Possibilities of Android Management with Workspace ONE Join us for our monthly EUC TechInsights webinar, “Unlock the Possibilities of Android Management with Workspace ONE,” where we delve into advanced topics such as Android management, enrollment options, and device management modes. Learn how to enhance productivity with Workspace ONE’s powerful features like OEM Config, remote support, and OS update management. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to optimize your Android device management strategy using Workspace ONE.

Patrick Zoeller

25th of June

Unlocking Seamless Experiences with Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Boost Employee Productivity and Optimize IT Costs with Omnissa’s AI-powered DEX Solution!

Omnissa, currently the End-User Computing division at Broadcom®, is revolutionizing DEX with our AI-driven solution. Our comprehensive DEX solution provides deep insights and automated remediations, accelerating issue resolution and driving better employee and IT experiences! Join our webinar June 27th at 11AMCDT to learn more.

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27th of June


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Release Updates Week 25-24:

Workspace ONE Boxer 24.06 for iOS

  • User setting for expanding quoted text in email conversations
    New toggle setting “Expand quoted text“ is introduced in the Conversation view settings.The default value is OFF.When turned on, the 3 dots expand button is not shown in email view, instead the emails are automatically fully expanded with all quoted emails.
  • Issue reporting enhancement
    A new feedback form is introduced to simplify issue reporting when users cannot login.When users type the keyword “debug“ on the welcome screen when they are not able to authenticate and click the “Get Started” button a feedback form apears and allows the users to describe details about the issue they are facing. The details are sent together with the logs to the development team for troubleshooting when the “Send“ button is clicked.
  • Quality improvements and crash fixes

Workspace ONE Boxer 24.06 for Android

  • Quality improvements and crash fixes

Workspace ONE Tunnel for Android 24.05

  • In this release, we have made a few updates containing general quality and performance improvements with one new feature:
    • New workflow to allow Tunnel to be exempt from battery optimization.

Workspace ONE Tunnel for macOS 24.05

  • This macOS client 24.05 release introduces an update to our modern macOS Tunnel client distributed through the Workspace ONE Resources Portal. 

With this release, we are pleased to introduce support for Per-App Tunnel mode on MDM enrolled devices. This is in addition to existing support for Full-Device Tunnel mode for MDM and Standalone enrollment.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 24.04.3 for Windows x86

  • Resolved Issues
    • Bitlocker encryption profile failing to install due to invalid dateTime format
    • Hub opening "Want an even better experience?" multiple times even after enrollment completed
    • Existing file on the Windows device is not consistently replaced by the “Force Reprocess” in Product actions
    • Advanced Staging Hangs in Hub Enrollment on

Workspace ONE Web for iOS 24.06

  • IBRW-175810Multi Tab Kiosk mode enhancements
  • IBRW-175328Support for Proxy Authentication
  • Resolved Issues
    • IBRW-175755[WkWebview + Tunnel] Tunnelled Webclips URLs are not loading in WkWebview

VMware EUC Security Advisories: 

--No new Security advisories this week--

EUC UX Research Opportunities: 

  • Our goal is to gather insight into user behaviors, motivations, and goals, so we can use those insights to inform and strengthen product and design decisions.
  • Interested in giving your opinion and making your voice heard? Check out what’s available!

Workspace One: Filter Redesign

  • About: The placement of filters and where they’re located on the page is getting refreshed.
  • What: Play with a clickable prototype on your own time in Maze, a user testing tool. It will record your audio and computer screen while you tell us what you think.

KB Highlights & Announcements Week 25-24:

Getting Ready for Apple Major OS Releases 2024

  • Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 has brought a number of exciting updates and features to all major platforms. During the opening keynote, Apple announced macOS 15, iOS 18, iPadOS 18, tvOS 18, and visionOS 2. In addition to showcasing many impressive consumer features, Apple announced important enhancements coming to their device management protocol as well as Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.
  • The information provided below documents the new enterprise-related updates and features announced in Apple’s WWDC information sessions. You can access these sessions at your convenience through Apple’s Developer Program website . This document also provides details on how to test the upcoming releases.
  • Beta releases are not supported with Workspace ONE UEM. We are currently testing the beta releases to ensure backwards compatibility with existing Workspace ONE UEM features upon software upgrade launch in Q3 2024.
  • Note: This article does not indicate support for any of the below features with Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Please also see the [TECHZONE] post.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense Tenants (6000034)

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now supported for local administrators accessing Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense tenants. MFA applies to Mobile Threat Defense console local admin accounts only. External accounts authenticated via an Identity Provider (IDP) use the IDP provided MFA. Starting June 17, 2024, MFA will be a requirement for all local administrators on all Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense tenants. 

How to configure the macOS Tunnel MDM Tunnel Profile (6000006)

  • The macOS Tunnel client distributed through the Workspace ONE Resources Portal now supports Per-App and Full-Device Tunnel modes for MDM enrolled devices, and Full-Device Tunnel mode for Standalone enrolled devices.
  • The following documentation will guide you through the setup of macOS Tunnel MDM Tunnel profile for Per-App or Full-Device Tunnel mode. 

UAG 2312 admin UI reports HTTP ERROR 400 Bad Request (97414)

  • On the initial install, the configuration fails to load via JSON
  • Refreshing the admin UI page returned 400 bad requests.
  • When connecting via client, the request does not reach Connection Server and returns HTTP 400 Bad request.
  • The following error is encountered, on refreshing the UAG admin UI

Known Issue: firmwarepasswd Command Not Applicable for M1 Devices (6000035)

  • Known Issue: firmwarepasswd Command Not Applicable for M1 Devices
  • Product: macOS Intelligent Hub
  • Version(s) Affected: All versions prior to the upcoming release which is 24.04.1 for macOS Hub
  •  Summary: The firmwarepasswd command used to check the firmware password status is not applicable for Apple Silicon (M1) devices. This issue affects how macOS Intelligent Hub reports the firmware password status to the UEM console.

Workspace ONE UEM API Documentation

  • The Workspace ONE UEM API Documentation is now available on Postman.
  • Please also note this [TECHZONE] post.

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VMware Horizon Clients 2406

  • Platform: Windows
    • Client UI update, adding folder feature, which provides standard folder experience to organize user’s desktops and published application, it also can remember and keep the folder settings/configuration across various platforms.

WS1 Intel Chip To Cloud

  • KVM feature added for out-of-band support use cases
  • Intel Chip to Cloud integration card allows opt-out for customer data

Zebra LifeGuard OTA

  • The Zebra LifeGuard OTA Beta introduces full firmware management for Zebra Android devices, including full package updates, security updates, for both GMS and AOSP builds.
  • Admins can now configure Custom Updates by selecting a specific update version for devices.
  • The Update tracking page includes information about the deployment. Admins can view overall deployment status, as well as individual device status.

Sign up or LogIn [HERE] to get access to the latest Beta versions.

June Software Releases  





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Tunnel Win10


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Horizon Cloud Service Next Gen

May 30

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WS1 Intelligence


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macOS Tunnel


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Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 25-24

OS Updates Seed Script

  • Most recent update: Android 15
  • Last Update: CW24

Seed Script for latest Device Model Information

  • Seed Script for latest Device Model Information Seed Script to support new MacBook Air M3 model Mac15,2 models
  • Last update: CW11


Workspace ONE UEM 22.12

  • Patch Level
  • UM-8939 - VIS to UEM unlink is not removing the UEM user from the UEM group.
  • Last Update: CW22


Workspace ONE UEM 23.02

  • Patch Level
  • FCA-207767 - Physical memory values were missing in UEM devices or search API calls.
  • AGGL-16969 - Redirect to Google in EMM registration fails.
  • CMEM-187052 - Deadlock occurred when trying to delete records from the Device Activity table.
  • AMST-39019 - API update to picklists windowspcimportantupdates for Windows10/11 devices.
  • AGGL-16813 - FCM API deprecation updates.
  • Last Update: CW25


Workspace ONE UEM 23.06

  • Patch Level
  • LUEM-858 - All the Linux devices get the same lookup value for sensors.
  • AGGL-16970 - Redirect to Google in EMM registration fails.
  • AAPP-17407 - Refreshing sToken for a VPP v2 enabled OGs, resets migration flag.
  • AAPP-17404 - Fix duplicate asset identifiers in an asset management V2 API call.
  • ARES-27837 - Add FedRamp system code for identifying FedRamp customers
  • Last Update: CW24


Workspace ONE UEM 23.10

  • Patch Level:
  • CMCM-190997 - Content dashboard most/least viewed files section is empty.
  • AMST-40778 - Proxy settings not included in Windows profile XML file if configured in Wi-Fi payload.
  • AGGL-16898 - FCM API deprecation updates.
  • AAPP-17255 - Issue placing the iOS WebClip on the Home Screen first page.
  • Last Update: CW25

Workspace ONE UEM 24.02

  • Patch Level:
    • AGGL-16822: Capability enrichment sample failing post the patch update in environment to update enterprise version.
    • AGGL-16827: Android Device delete intermittently takes 4 hours to wipe the device.
    • FCA-207587: DLV tooltip for friendly name is broken.
    • FCA-207603: Device List view Export is not producing export to download.
    • AMST-40616: Device state to capture new status for pause.
    • AMST-40654: Pause status to be displayed in List view.
    • AMST-41111: Bulk Management settings throwing error.
    • FS-5414: Matches Found count is incorrect whenever adding/removing Application Versions/Names in Conditions.
    • Last Update: CW18