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EUC TechInsights - Unlock the Possibilities of Android Management with Workspace ONE

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Unlock the Possibilities of Android Management with Workspace ONE Join us for our monthly EUC TechInsights webinar, “Unlock the Possibilities of Android Management with Workspace ONE,” where we delve into advanced topics such as Android management, enrollment options, and device management modes. Learn how to enhance productivity with Workspace ONE’s powerful features like OEM Config, remote support, and OS update management. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to optimize your Android device management strategy using Workspace ONE.

Patrick Zoeller

25th of June

VMware Digital Workspace Virtual Customer Success Roundtable

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Release Updates Week 23-24:

Workspace ONE TOPdesk ITSM Integration

  • Integrating TOPdesk with Workspace ONE ensures preventive and proactive action for all incidents.
    Automatic incident creation also gives a complete view and control of the experience of the end user – no more issues, without IT knowing about it.
    • Handing out new devices will be made easier as IT administrators will no longer have to enter CMDB fields manually.
    • Employee experience will be increased as issues are spotted early and are possibly resolved before the know.
    • Receiving notifications, asking if the require assistance is a great way of reaching out to the end user.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS 24.04

  • EOL Notice - The Legacy Catalog in UEM for SaaS UEM Customers will be EOGS on August 31, 2024 and EOL on October 31, 2024. Refer to KB article for details.
    • Note: If you are using the App Catalog in Intelligent Hub, then you are already migrated and no action is needed. This applies for all platforms (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows).
  • Background processing improvements for Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense.
  • Improvements to graphics for enrollment screens
  • Bug Fixes

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 24.04 for Android

  • Accessibility improvements in Intelligent Hub
  • Support for enabling 3rd-party cookies when authenticating with Workspace ONE Access: In some cases, Intelligent Hub needs to support 3rd-party cookies in order for users to authenticate with Workspace ONE Access. In cases where 3rd-party cookie support is required and this is not enabled, users may see a "cookies not supported" error in Intelligent Hub. See How to Enable 3rd-party Cookies for Workspace ONE Access Authentication in the Beta Resources for more information on how to test this feature.
  • Intelligent Hub processes pending actions and delivers samples at a more consistent frequency: When an Android device exits Doze Mode, Intelligent Hub will now count the time the device spent in Doze Mode to determine when to next execute certain recurring tasks. Previously, the time a device spent in Doze Mode would not be considered in this calculation, which extended the time between executions of said recurring tasks on devices that frequently entered Doze Mode. These tasks include processing pending actions in Workspace ONE UEM, such as installation of profiles and apps, as well as sending device information to Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Higher priority for Tunnel Profile installation: In instances where Intelligent Hub needs to apply multiple resources, it will install Tunnel Profiles before most other resources. This can accelerate setup of Workspace ONE Tunnel during checkout of shared devices, which in turn can allow users to authenticate with applications sooner using Mobile SSO.  
  • Improvements to Samsung KNOX integration: Intelligent Hub uses a Samsung KNOX License to leverage Samsung-specific Android device management functionality, such as Samsung-only profiles. Intelligent Hub 24.04 improves the resilience of this integration to prevent issues where the KNOX license key is not properly activated. 
  • Bug Fixes

Workspace ONE Intelligence 24.05.20

  • We improved column management in widgets.
    • Hide or display selected columns, and arrange columns in a desired order. 
  • We made improvements to how custom widgets process and display date ranges for time series events.
    • You can select an entire date range for the frequency of relative time ranges.
    • We added a bar chart option that you can group multiple bars per interval.
    • We added the horizontal bar chart option for stacked and non-stacked data.
  • We made enhancements to custom widget loading.
    • Widgets will now display a loading bar at the bottom, providing a clear visual indicator of their loading status. Once the widget is fully loaded, you will see a green check mark.
    • We also implemented incremental loading for widgets with large data records. For such widgets, the data will load in smaller chunks or incrementally, preventing timeouts and maintaining widget responsiveness.
    • With the addition of short-term and long-term caching, you will experience faster load times for the widgets you’ve created.
  • Resolved Issues
    • We are always working to improve Workspace ONE Intelligence with every release. There are no major bug fixes to report.

Workspace ONE Tunnel for Windows 24.05

  • Application Security - App Integrity Check
    • See this KB document for more information.
  • TLS 1.3 Support
    • Tunnel Gateway already supports TLS 1.3 starting UAG 2309

Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen

  • Horizon Edge
    • You can now switch your Horizon Edge Gateway deployment type from Single Virtual Machine to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) to enable high availability to the Edge Gateway.
    • The Italy North region is now available for Horizon Edges deployed in Microsoft Azure. 
    • The Israel Central region is now available for Horizon Edges deployed in Microsoft Azure. 
  • Desktops and Applications
    • App Volumes
      • File Shares for storing App Volumes packages now support the Microsoft Azure automated key rotation functionality to enhance security by ensuring that storage account access keys are regularly updated.
    • Pool Groups
      • Applications from different sources (automatically scanned, manual applications, or App Volumes) are now grouped by name, publisher, and application type. Consequently, manual applications are no longer grouped with automatically scanned applications.
  • Help Desk
    • The Help Desk Administrator role has been added to enable restricted access to the Horizon Universal Console for admins who only need to perform help desk related actions.

VMware EUC Security Advisories: 

--No new Security advisories this week--

EUC UX Research Opportunities: 

  • Our goal is to gather insight into user behaviors, motivations, and goals, so we can use those insights to inform and strengthen product and design decisions.
  • Interested in giving your opinion and making your voice heard? Check out what’s available!

WS1 UEM: File As A Service

  • About: FaaS is an approach to manage file and action resources, so Admins can define a set of file-relevant actions to perform on an end-user’s device and then assign to smart groups or leverage in Freestyle. Relevant for Admins managing frontline devices, push internal apps and configuration files, issue security patches, and manage specific files/folders like pushing the zip required for OS upgrade, the delivery route file for a worker delivering packages, and deleting the log files.
  • What: Focus Group conversation via Zoom to provide feedback on concept.

WS1 UEM: Vulnerability Mgmt. – Remediation

  • About: A new feature that allows UEM Admins to view vulnerabilities relevant to their desktop device fleet. It provides recommendations for remediating those threats. Relevant for those involved in overseeing/remediating vulnerabilities like Security/Security Operations or Endpoint Managers. 
  • What: Focus Group conversation via Zoom to provide feedback on concept. 

WS1 UEM: Deployment Phases

  • About: A new feature that will allow Admins to deploy applications to various user groups and types, mitigating concerns before they affect the remaining user types. Relevant for Admins responsible for deploying applications and managing various platforms, including mobile and desktop devices.
  • What: Focus Group conversation via Zoom to provide feedback on concept. 

KB Highlights & Announcements Week 23-24:

How to setup Application Security – App Integrity Check for Windows Tunnel (6000029)

  • Introducing ability to validate application integrity on endpoints. This works by validating the signer certificate of managed applications that an admin specifies for tunneling.
  • Pre-requisites:
    • UEM Console 2310 or later
      • Enable FF at global OG: WindowsApplicationIntegrityCheckFeatureFlag
    • Please work with your WS1 support representative if you require assistance with feature flag enablement. This feature flag is enabled by default starting with Workspace ONE UEM 2402.
    • Once you have the Feature Flag enabled, the next thing you need is the app's signer certificate subject name.

Resolving Mac Resources Slowness Issue During MacOS Hub Upgrade on Workspace ONE (6000028)

  • Issue Description: We have identified an issue where the MacOS Hub (version 2404) was not installing on devices efficiently. Attempts to upgrade from version 2401 to 2404 via auto-upgrade and internal app assignment were not very successful. This issue is consistently reproducible but only in a customer environment so we would like to go over best practices on Hub deployment. It was determined that the Hub was not being pushed via API which caused this problem.
  • Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Enable auto-upgrade for the organization group.
    2. Publish the newer version of the Hub app as an internal application to all Mac devices (not optimal).

[AGGL-16565] HTTP 400 error from Google during Android Enterprise registration (6000030)

  • On some versions of Workspace ONE UEM, on clicking Register from the Android EMM Registration settings page, administrators be redirected to a Google website displaying an HTTP 400 error stating that the request is malformed.  
  • The issue was introduced in May 8th, 2024 and is related to changes to Google's Android Enterprise sign-up wizard.
  • Administrators must follow the workaround explained in the KB in order to complete Android EMM Registration.

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WS1 Content 24.06 for iOS

  • Show file and folder path in search results
  • Bug Fixes
    • ISCL-183763 - iPad - PDF page gets cropped in fullscreen mode
    • ISCL-183680 - Unable to open AIP encrypted attachment from Boxer
    • ISCL-183516 - Text overlaps in Hebrew/Arabic language for Office docs

WS1 Web 24.06 for Android

  • ABRW-175949: Multi tab Kiosk mode enhancements
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • ABRW-175907: Web fails to retain IA Auth credentials after kill-relaunch of Web app for the first time

WS1 Boxer 24.06 for iOS

  • User setting for expanding quoted text in email conversations
    • New toggle setting “Expand quoted text“ is introduced in the Conversation view settings.
    • The default value is OFF.
    • When turned on, the 3 dots expand button is not shown in email view, instead the emails are automatically fully expanded with all quoted emails.
  • Quality improvements and crash fixes

WS1 Boxer 24.06 for Android

  • Quality improvements and crash fixes
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • BINXA-19875[Email] AIP sensitivity labels name is not displayed when email is opened

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Tunnel Win10


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Horizon Cloud Service Next Gen

May 30

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WS1 Intelligence


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Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 23-24

OS Updates Seed Script

  • Most recent update: Android 15
  • Last Update: CW23

Seed Script for latest Device Model Information

  • Seed Script for latest Device Model Information Seed Script to support new MacBook Air M3 model Mac15,2 models
  • Last update: CW11


Workspace ONE UEM 22.12

  • Patch Level
  • UM-8939 - VIS to UEM unlink is not removing the UEM user from the UEM group.
  • Last Update: CW22


Workspace ONE UEM 23.02

  • Patch Level
  • UM-8940 - VIS to UEM unlink is not removing the UEM user from the UEM group.
  • CRSVC-46414 - CellTrust integration was not working.
  • AMST-41258 - Arm64 hub was not getting published to device.
  • Last Update: CW23


Workspace ONE UEM 23.06

  • Patch Level
  • UM-8923             VIS to UEM unlink is not removing the UEM user from the UEM group
  • FS-5534               Seed Mac Workflow Host in Canonical - Release 23.06
  • ENRL-4265       Notification flow update: Passing HS configured OG UUID instead of tenant UUID
  • CRSVC-46415                 CellTrust Integration Not Working
  • CMSVC-17800                SmartGroup Backup queue errors from logzio
  • CMCM-190983               Optimize Sync sproc for user repo creation
  • CMCM-190966               Scheduled job using Content_StatusByLocationGroup_Save is causing DB performance issues.
  • ARES-28483    WS1-UEM-ARES-Apps-Sync-Failure-Alert CN1567
  • AAPP-17126    Refreshing AppleCare Warrantly information is throwing error "PleaseCheckGSXSettings" for all Apple Devices.
  • Last Update: CW21


Workspace ONE UEM 23.10

  • Patch Level:
  • UM-8917 - VIS to UEM unlink is not removing the UEM user from the UEM group.
  • ARES-28503 - Summary tab is reporting incorrect number of installed profiles for macOS platform.
  • ARES-27373 - FastSync when enabled does not show enabled in UEM after saving the App assignment.
  • AMST-41202 - Baseline payload should not have installation status “PENDING_REMOVAL”.
  • AMST-41101 - Arm64 hub not getting published to device.
  • Last Update: CW23

Workspace ONE UEM 24.02

  • Patch Level:
    • AGGL-16822: Capability enrichment sample failing post the patch update in environment to update enterprise version.
    • AGGL-16827: Android Device delete intermittently takes 4 hours to wipe the device.
    • FCA-207587: DLV tooltip for friendly name is broken.
    • FCA-207603: Device List view Export is not producing export to download.
    • AMST-40616: Device state to capture new status for pause.
    • AMST-40654: Pause status to be displayed in List view.
    • AMST-41111: Bulk Management settings throwing error.
    • FS-5414: Matches Found count is incorrect whenever adding/removing Application Versions/Names in Conditions.
    • Last Update: CW18