EUC Newsletter - Week 16

Release Updates Week 16-24:

New Apple Builds Are Now Available

  • New builds of the following software are now available:
    • iOS and iPadOS 17.5 Beta 2 (21F5058e)
    • macOS 14.5 Sonoma Beta 2 (23F5059e)
    • tvOS 17.5 Beta 2 (21L5553e)
    • watchOS 10.5 Beta 2 (21T5555d)
    • visionOS 1.2 Beta 2 (21O5565d)
  • Additional content available:
    • Schoolwork 3.0 Beta 1

Workspace ONE Experience Management(DEEM) 24.04 for Horizon

  • App Performance includes data for App Name, Version, CPU, Memory, and Disk Consumption. In the Per Horizon Sessions Performance dashboards, find the top CPU and Memory consumption applications shown per Horizon session.
  • Application Crash and Hang data offers insights into application stability at the organization level. 
  • Application Usage-related events provide insights into usage information for specific applications at the organization level.
  • Requirements
    • Use the Experience Management agent for Horizon 2404 on Windows machines.
    • Use the Horizon Agent 2312 or later, and check that application data is available in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

VMware EUC Security Advisories: 

---no new VMSA this week---

EUC UX Research Opportunities: 

  • Our goal is to gather insight into user behaviorsmotivations, and goals, so we can use those insights to inform and strengthen product and design decisions.
  • Interested in giving your opinion and making your voice heard? Check out what’s available!

Opportunity #1

  • Help Define the Future of AI In WS1
    • About: What if AI could help build a query and visualization? What if you could ask AI to show the number of new enrollments in your deployment?
    • What: 5-minute survey where you'll be asked to list the top use cases you'd like to use AI for.
    • SURVEY HERE --> Open until EOD 4/22

Opportunity #2

  • AI-Assisted Self-Service
    • If you’re an IT Admin – what if it could help an end user fix a security vulnerability on their device through self-service or guide a new employee to install correct set of apps?
    • If you’re NOT an IT Admin (End User) – what if it could update a specific app to the latest version or answer questions for you about any open health issues on your devices? 
    • What: 5-minute survey where you'll be asked to list the top use cases you'd like to use AI for.
    • SURVEY HERE --> Open until EOD 4/29 

Opportunity #3

  • NEW ServiceDesk and ITSM Connector Dashboards
    • About: Where Admins can access performance data about Helpdesk and ServiceNow Incidents, leveraging the capabilities of DEEM. See ticket status widgets, top device issues, and Insights like 300 Windows Desktop OS crashes.
    • What: Variety of focus groups and 1x1 conversations via Zoom.
    • When: The week of 4/29 and 5/06.

KB Highlights & Announcements Week 16-24:

Announcing Updates to the Page Navigation in the Workspace ONE UEM Console (97771)

  • The Workspace ONE UEM team is currently working towards revamping the user experience of the Workspace ONE UEM Console. As part of this effort, the console navigation experience is being redesigned. The goal is to improve the ease of navigating through menus by improving feature discoverability, making it more intuitive for new and existing console administrators. This is the first of many features you can expect to be introduced in due time. 
  • The updated console navigation has been designed after iterative user testing & research. Key features of the new experience include: 

    • Categorization - Clearly defined categories and sub-categories with labels for ease of discoverability 

    • Modular Solutions - Combining pages most likely to be used in association to each other within the same sub-categories

    • Most-used First - Critical console features have been surfaced while more niche features occupy less space on your home page

    • Open Menus - Quicker views of pages and subpages with opened up menus

    • Simplified Menus - Duplicative links to settings or other tabs have been removed to provide a simple straightforward menu structure 

  • The updated navigation has been made available in Shared SaaS UAT environments - CN135, CN137, CN138. The Workspace ONE UEM team encourages you to try out the new experience. It will be rolled out in production in an upcoming UEM release. 

macOS Managed App installation failure due to corrupt package (97661)

  • Customers may experience a failure in app installation via the Hub when a corrupt package with the same name already exists in the Munki cache folder. Symptoms include:
    • The installation process does not progress or retry.
    • Errors in the Hub log indicating issues with moving downloaded packages into the cache due to existing corrupt files.

EntraID Partner Compliance - Device Un-enrollment Known Issue (97804)

  • This article pertains to the Microsoft EntraID Partner Compliance sync for Conditional Access feature.
  • When a device is un-enrolled from management, Workspace ONE UEM retains the Entra Device ID.  While this helps with keeping track of obsolete IDs that correspond to stale device records in Entra, it causes an issue when the same device re-enrolls.  Workspace ONE UEM will update the previous record in Entra as compliant and managed, even though the record will not be used again, since a new ID and record will be created when the device registers to Entra again.  Once the device re-registers, the old record will be updated correctly to unmanaged and non-compliant, but there will be a gap between the re-enrollment and Entra registration.

Support and Configuration of New Teams as a Published App (97785)

  • Cannot configure New Teams as a Published App.

  • Providing support and configuration details for New Teams as a published app.
  • New Teams as a published app is supported with Horizon Agent 2312.1 and later.
  • Update Horizon environment to 2312.1 or later and set the "Enable UWP support on RDSH platforms" agent GPO to "Enabled".
    For more details, refer to this publish the New Teams App link  

High Priority KBs: 

  • VMware Support Transition to Broadcom (97304)
    The process of transitioning to Broadcom systems and the necessary migration of VMware systems will begin at approximately 
    5:00 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, and conclude at approximately 8 a.m. PDT on Monday, May 6, 2024. 
    Starting 6-May-24, End User Computing (EUC) customers should contact EUC support at for any technical needs.

  • End of Life Announcement for the Legacy App Catalog in Workspace ONE UEM for SaaS UEM Customers (95774)
    We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) for the UEM Legacy Catalog for UEM SaaS customers only at this time. If you are a On-Premises UEM Customer, this notice does not impact you at this time, further communications will follow for timelines on migrating On-Premises UEM Customers to the Intelligent Hub App Catalog.
  • Workspace ONE UEM - Updated requirements for on-premise cumulative patches (94706)
    The base GA version for current Workspace ONE UEM releases is being revised through updated installers. On-premise customers will need to consume a revised installer for a given major version before any future cumulative patches can be deployed for that major version. These revised installers are required to address compatibility issues with regular cumulative patches.
  • Introducing Workspace ONE (WS1) UEM Next-Gen SaaS
    VMware is excited to announce that the resource management & tracking improvements, the first major feature-based milestone in the Workspace ONE UEM Modernization Journey, is now available for customer testing. These improvements will be enabled in limited testing environments (CN135) starting on Thursday August 24, 2023.

Recently updated or added KBs (Links) 

Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates 

3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News 

April Software Releases  





Release Date

WindowsTunnel Win1024.01Release Notes01.04.24
iOSContent24.02.1Release Notes03.04.24
AndroidContent24.02.1Release Notes03.04.24
macOSHub24.01.1Release Notes03.04.24
LinuxHub24.03Release Notes08.04.24
BackendAssist Installer24.03Release Notes10.04.24
AndroidAssist24.03Release Notes10.04.24
WindowsAssist24.03Release Notes10.04.24
macOSAssist24.03Release Notes10.04.23
LinuxAssist24.03Release Notes10.04.24
BackendWS1 Intelligence24.04.08Release Notes05.04.24
HorizonDEEM24.04Release Notes12.04.24


Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 16-24





  • Workspace ONE UEM 23.10
    • Patch Level:
    • UM-8570: UI change to AdminDefination V3 model.

    • UM-8444: The “Organization Group” tab in the Administrator Account was removed on the new DDUI from v2210 onwards.

    • AGGL-16745: Android COPE enrollment fails when using the IMEI for the enrollment token.

    • FCA-207510: Available OS updates not listed on the device details summary page.

    • CRSVC-47902: SAN variable values passed as string literals.

    • AMST-40976: All UEM Console 2310 and 2402 and master branches were seeded with SFD installer.

    • Last Update: CW16

  • Workspace ONE UEM 24.02
    • Patch Level:
    • UM-8865: Prevent unnecessary updates in AD sync.

    • PPAT-16386: Reduce the number of calls for endpoint /v2/device-traffic-rule-sets.

    • FCA-207435: Canonical: Handle the device-index, de-serialization issue gracefully for the DLV page.

    • CRSVC-47906: Reassess telemetry events for offline device check in and emit telemetry and add logging.

    • CRSVC-48006: Compliance DSM overrides were not removed for non-compliant devices after policy edit.

    • CRSVC-48007: Compliance Reconciliation operation fails with exception.

    • CMSVC-17756: Device state patch calls fail because tags patch calls are made with 500 devices.

    • ARES-28893: iOS public application is showing not installed on device summary as well as DT page.

    • ARES-28585: Device tab of macOS Bootstrap package is broken.

    • ARES-28592: Rendering old DT experience from Custom Apps list view for public apps.

    • ARES-28759: Fix globalization issue in Force Check Action.

    • ARES-28458: Purchased applications during enrichment send version as empty.

    • ARES-28568: Implement limits for bulk device actions in Deployment Tracking View.

    • ARES-28579: Application_uuid is not populated for one of the application in MAL sample.

    • ARES-28399: Page threw an error when attempted to remove app from device details page.

    • ARES-28062: View in Profile list view screen was not rendering accurate data.

    • AMST-40998: Observed exception in messaging service for WNS.

    • AMST-41090: Office 365 fails to install on Windows devices.

    • AMST-40976: Seeding - latest SFD build to UEM master release.

    • AMST-40969: Seed Windows Hub 23.10.6 x86 to UEM console Master.

    • AMST-40972: Profile with multiple credential payload is failing while adding new version.

    • AMST-40417: Don't make PRM call when PRM-Win FF is disabled.

    • AGGL-16791: Some of the compliance policies were not getting evaluated.

    • AGGL-16682: Application Identifier is not populated for one of the applications in sample.

    • AGGL-16775: Incorrect manufacturer name is present in DST data for Android device

    • AGGL-16755: When device has compromised compliance policy present, after device reenroll Apps/Profile resources are not installing on the device.

    • AGGL-16658: Android device - device details apps tab errors out.

    • Last Update: CW16