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'The Anatomy of the Autonomous Workspace’ Webinar

Spencer Pitts

Thursday 11th, January 2024

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KB Highlights & Announcements Week 01-24: 

Usergroups Sync failing due to the stale user groups which missing or deleted in the Active Directory (96070)

  • In the context of Active Directory integration, UEM is configured with read-only access. Consequently, UEM lacks the capability to automatically remove obsolete user groups that have not been deleted prior to the synchronization process. Therefore, it is imperative for administrators to manually delete any user groups within UEM that no longer exist in the Active Directory, ensuring the maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date user group configuration.

Domains to Allow for In-Flight WiFi with Workspace ONE MTD Phishing & Content Protection (96052)

  • We have seen that some domains required by airlines to connect to in-flight WiFi are only resolved internally, making DNS resolution impossible when Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense Phishing and Content Protection (PCP) is activated on the device. We recommend adding these domains to the PCP Skip List in the MTD console so that MTD can bypass them instead.

VMware Horizon 8: Blue Boot Screen with Windows 11 instant clone due to SCSI controller Misconfiguration (96039)

  • When creating Windows 11 instant clones, these clones cannot progress past a blue Boot manager screen.
  • To draw attention to the symptoms that might present if the correct storage controller is not used.

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Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 01-24 

  • Workspace ONE UEM 23.06
    • Patch Level
    • ARES-27165: For autocomplete field, save the data which is entered manually and not selected from dropdown.

    • CMEM-186982: Optimize Stored Procedure to avoid intermittent timeout.

    • ARES-27251: Profile removal is not triggered based on the actual admin time zone after saving the expiration date in UTC.

    • AAPP-16806: Unable to delete ABM stale record from Enrollment lifecycle page.

    • AMST-40301: Seed 23.02.8 patch to Workspace ONE UEM console master.

    • ARES-27280: Certain macOS devices have Windows internal apps assigned.

    • ARES-27256: Sampling is not saving SampleHash in the interrogator hashtable.

    • ENRL-3974: Unable to save enrollment restrictions settings due to inaccurate data in the database.

    • Last Update: CW01