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Release Updates Week 50

Workspace ONE Launcher 23.11 for Android

  • New Features
  • Block Launcher until Tunnel is ready

    In our continued efforts to provide excellent on-device user experience, we have introduced a configuration that once applied will block access to Launcher canvas until Tunnel is ready. This ensures that once the user logs into the device they are only able to interact with applications when all dependent components and configurations are ready.

  • Enhance Guest and Vendor Mode

    We have made two notable enhancements to Guest and Vendor Mode to make them more standalone. First, we have changed the terminology from ‘Login’ to ‘Logout’ when logged into one of these modes. Previously, when a user was logged to either Guest or Vendor mode, they had an option within this mode to ‘login’ to the regular Check-in Check-out (CICO) mode. Now, instead they will see ‘logout’ and have the option to login to other modes, once they have successfully logged out of either of these modes.

    Secondly, we have added a configurable option that emphasizes to the device user that they are in one of these modes. This is to ensure that if one of these modes is being used in a supplemental or temporary manner, that the user is acutely aware and is able to easily discern this with a message that is front and center on the Launcher canvas that highlights that they are in one of these modes. 

  • Logout Shared device on Device Inactivity

    This feature allows the admin to configure a timeout for the device that matches the screen timeout of the device. Once the screen times out, the shared device session also logs the user out ensuring whoever picks up the device next is not able to view previous session and requires to re-authentication to establish a new shared device session.

What’s new in Apple platform deployment

Deployment and mobile device management (MDM) introduce new features for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch devices. These updates include the following operating systems:

  • iOS 17.2

  • iPadOS 17.2

  • macOS 14.2

  • tvOS 17.2

  • watchOS 10.2

5G Network Slicing

A new table was added showing Apple device support for 5G Network Slicing.

Opportunistic Wireless Encryption

New Apple devices were added to the list supporting Opportunistic Wireless Encryption.

Managed Apple ID access

Additional services that Managed Apple IDs can use have been added to this topic.

For more information, see Service access with Managed Apple IDs.

Global address lists

Content was added regarding S/MIME.

Software update release dates

Dates have been added for operating system updates.

Bundle IDs

The Bundle ID for the Journal app has been added.

For more information, see Bundle IDs for native iPhone and iPad apps.

New restrictions

Two new restrictions have been added, the ability to preserve an eSIM and the ability to use Live Voicemail.

For more information, see MDM restrictions for iPhone and iPad devices and MDM restrictions for supervised Apple devices.

What’s new in managing Apple devices.

New  Apple Builds Are Now Available

New builds of the following software are now available:

  • iOS 17.3 Beta 1 (21D5026f)
  • iPadOS 17.3 Beta 1 (21D5026f)
  • macOS 14.3 Sonoma Beta 1 (23D5033f)
  • tvOS 17.3 Beta 1 (21K5625e)
  • watchOS 10.3 Beta 1 (21S5625c)

Workspace ONE Content for iOS 23.11.2

  • General Improvements

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Linux 23.10

  • Device Wipe - In addition to Enterprise Wipe which unenrolls, uninstalls the Hub and removes any content pushed down with Workspace ONE UEM, this new functionality, device wipe, provides a more extensive wipe, typically in response to a lost or stolen device. Device wipe emulates a factory reset on the Linux device when invoked by the admin. This removes apps, users, the user’s files/data, Wi-Fi connections, and other items to make the device unusable, requiring a new install of Linux.
  • Device Reboot - This command reproduces the effect of powering the device off and on again.
  • More ws1HubUtil enhancements
    • Added a symbolic link to ws1HubUtil such that the device side user no longer needs to change directory in order to execute.
    • We removed the sudo requirement for status & version commands
    • Additionally, ws1HubUtil now explicitly checks for the commands that require sudo, providing more security and better error handling.
  • Bug Fixes

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for macOS 23.10

  • Updates to Hub Health feature
  • Improvement to Logs - removal of unnecessary entries
  • Drop support for macOS 10.15
  • Upgrade to Sparkle and JWTDecode
  • Upgrade Python to 3.11.6 along with openssl and sqlite
  • Bug Fixes

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS 23.11

  • HUBI-10310: Device Name in UEM for iOS 16+

    • Apple removed the ability for apps to know what the device name was in iOS 16, we are bringing some of that functionality back for MDM devices.
    • This is specifically useful for customers using Check-in/Check-out and identifying their devices
  • Known Issue: The device name may not show up automatically if the Hub App is deleted and reinstalled, it will show the generic name. The current workaround is to sync the device and the device name will appear.

Workspace ONE ITSM Connector for ServiceNow 4.5

  • Introduced workflows and scripts.
    We've added the ability for a Service Desk Engineer to run Freestyle Orchestrator workflows and Workspace ONE UEM scripts on Windows and macOS devices from within ServiceNow Incidents. The new Workflow feature is found in an incident on the Workspace ONE UEM tab > Additional Details > Workflows.
  • Added Search by Serial Number.
    Enhanced the ITSM Connector by providing a Search by Serial Number option for cases where the Configuration Item information in ServiceNow is not populated correctly to have the Serial Number for devices. The search feature can be managed from the Application Default Configuration > Workspace ONE Device Search.
  • Removed the dependency on Incident Status.
    We enhanced the ITSM Connector by showing the Device information regardless of the ticket status
  • Removed Notes if the device is not found.
    We removed the functionality of adding Notes to the incident when a device is not found in Workspace ONE UEM.

VMware EUC Security Advisories: 

Moderate Severity - VMSA-2023-0027

  •  VMSA-2023-0027 - VMware Workspace ONE Launcher updates addresses privilege escalation vulnerability. (CVE-2023-34064)

KB Highlights & Announcements Week 50: 

An exciting new era for End-User Computing

  • Broadcom completed its acquisition of VMware on November 22, and on December 7 announced its intent to divest the End-User Computing Division. We view this as a powerful benefit for our customers and an opportunity for our partners. We’re excited to share why.

    • The EUC Division is financially strong with healthy growth and profitability.  
    • We have an innovation engine that continuously delivers market-leading solutions — Workspace ONE and Horizon.
    • Our newly expanded EUC Division covers all critical business functions from IT to Customer Support.
    • The EUC business is led by an experienced team with deep domain expertise.

    As we prepare for this next phase, we’ll bolster our investment in R&D, delivering mission-critical solutions and supporting our customers.

High Priority KBs 

Recently updated or added KBs (Links) 

Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates 

Beta, Lab and Tech Preview Updates 

Workspace ONE Tunnel 24.01 for iOS

  • In this release, we’ve made updates containing general quality and performance improvements with no new features.

WS1 Web 23.12 for Android

  • Android Web app does not show actual favicon for specific Web pages on Bookmarks screen
  • Localization bug fixes
  • Quality and performance improvements

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December Software Releases 

SystemComponentReleaseAnnouncementRelease Date
HorizonServer Components and Clients2212.2Horizon Server01.12.23
HorizonHorizon Cloud Service Next Gen2311Release Notes01.12.23
AndroidContent23.10.1Release Notesstaged
AndroidHub23.11Release Notes14.12.23
iOSContent23.11.2Release Notes08.12.23
LinuxHub23.11Release Notes11.12.23
macOSHub23.10Release Notes11.12.23
iOSHub23.11Release Notes12.12.23
AndroidLauncher23.11Release Notes12.12.23
BackendITSM Connector for ServiceNow4.5Release Notes14.12.23

Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 50-2023