VMware EUC Newsletter - Week 13







Week 13 - 2023







Weekly highlight:


VMware Horizon 2303

  • Horizon Server + Instant Clone
    • Make Connection Server resilient to pending session on Agent when client closes prematurely
    • Migrate from SpringFox to Springdoc-openapi
    • Test and support Horizon Instant Clones with Hybrid AAD with ADFS as Pre-req
    • Instant Clone Sysprep customization now supports a adding vTPM device for clones
    • Improvement in snapshot management - Snapshot vmdk files of the parent image are now deleted from the datastore when the corresponding snapshots are deleted from the vCenter
    • Instant Clone troubleshooting - Admins can now see timestamp along with pool provisioning errors in the Horizon console
    • RESTful APIs -- Scope 24FQ1
  • CART
  • App Volumes
    • Agent Credentials for File Shares
    • Citrix Virtual Apps on Demand [Test Only]
    • vSphere 8: True read-only attach [High-touch Beta]
    • AV Agent Installer Rollback on Failure
  • Dynamic Environment Manager
    • Support for searching DEM configuration
    • Support for running custom commands as SYSTEM
    • Support for applying NoAD settings on-demand
    • Disable OneDrive for Business integration
    • Remove non-inclusive terminology (Enable/Disable)






Workspace ONE Boxer for iOS 23.03

  • Email Outbox Status UI Improvements
  • Quality improvements and crash fixes


Workspace ONE Boxer for Android 23.03

  • Quality improvements and crash fixes


KB Highlights & Announcements Week 13:

Modernization Update: Consolidated Modernized Services for Hosted SaaS (91520)

Going forward, VMware plans to simplify and improve our newest cloud services by consolidating them into a modernized design. As part of this effort, the isolation of service communications and data storage of newly modernized services will be handled within the Workspace ONE application layer instead of the current model where isolation is the primary construct of the infrastructure layer. Additional context on this design change is provided in the Data Security section below. 


Introducing enhancements to Workspace ONE Intelligence Report Schedule and Download, and support for snapshot report sharing DAP (Data Access Policy) (91318)

  • Data Access Policy (DAP) in Workspace ONE Intelligence controls what data your users, specifically Analysts, see in Dashboards and Reports. To control access, Workspace ONE Intelligence uses organization groups configured in VMware Workspace ONE UEM.
    When a user with a restrictive DAP assigned downloads a snapshot report, the report data will be filtered based on the DAP. Note this feature release will also introduce several changes in snapshot report schedule and download regardless of whether your Intelligence environment has DAP enabled or not. See details below.


After an upgrade to workspace one access v22.09, Search from Main dashboard and Reports are blank (91559)

  • Issues reported after upgrade to v22.09.1.0:
    1. Unable to sync the directory with domain users. Only built-in administrator work.
    2. Unable to open 'Roles' tab on workspace one access console.
    3. Error with Integrated Components - Error retrieving component status
    3. Error with ACS Health - Application Deployment Status - Web Application Status - Error when connecting to the application.


Announcement: Deprecation of Workspace ONE Intelligence V1 APIs (90870)

  • To empower you better with improved API consistency and enhanced experience, we are deprecating Workspace ONE Intelligence V1 APIs and upgrading you to the new V2 APIs. The sunset date for V1 APIs is December 31, 2023. V1 APIs will not be operational after this date.


High Priority KBs

  • [Action Needed] - Refresh Old Android Enrollment QR Codes
    VMware is making changes to enhance the security posture of cloud-based endpoints related to this enrollment method on March 1st, 2023. As a result of this change enrollment using some older QR codes may fail. As a resolution, new QR codes will need to be generated as replacements for affected QR codes.
  • VMware Workspace ONE UEM New Control Plane SaaS Deployment Schedule (86243)
    Workspace ONE UEM has undergone a complete re-architecture to modernize the platform using microservices and containers to enable increased scalability and performance and increase the rate of innovation. Now after having conducted significant and careful testing, these architecture updates, including a new control plane, will be deployed to UEM SaaS environments over the next several weeks, with options available to on-premise customers after this roll-out (Later in 2022).
  • Support Access Policies for Customers with Expired SaaS EUC Licenses (89494)
    In alignment with VMware's Corporate Standards and those of the industry as a whole, VMware customers who have purchased SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) licenses for EUC (End-User Computing) products can expect the behavior outlined in the KB regarding Support access when their subscription has a status of Active Pending Cancellation or Expired/Cancelled.


Recently updated or added KBs (Links)


Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates


3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News



Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 13-2023








  • Workspace ONE UEM 22.10
    • Patch Level
    • AAPP-15424: Post Console Upgrade from 22.06 to 22.09 VPP Assignment is not working as expected.
    • AAPP-15427: Beacon sample should trigger Device Info Sample but should not save OS data.
    • AMST-38336: Baseline compliance report generation on fully compliant devices refreshes the baseline policies and switches the status to Pending Install.
    • ARES-24501: Enterprise Application Repository is no longer able to add iTunes application.
    • FCA-204247: Console app pool is terminating with unhandled exception.
    • FCA-204891: Show success for change og of device even when it is prevented by tenancy restriction.
    • https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/2210/rn/vmware-workspace-one-uem-2210-release-notes/index.html
    • Last Update: CW10