Freestyle Orchestrator iOS and Android - Use cases

Freestyle Orchestrator still in rollout but available to most customers, now we announced the availability for Mobile devices:

This is a very unique position to be in, with Freestyle for Mobile there is now a possibility to use sequencing for profiles and applications, on Mobile! And that all in a beautiful new UI to click it al together.

Update On Demand applications

First use case would be around On Demand application, same as i talked about in my other blog:

Keep in mind that VPP or Apple Business Manager applications for iOS (and macOS) are not yet supported and only Public non-VPP and Internal apps can be used with Freestyle Orchestrator. 

The On Demand use case could the same way be used for iOS and Android to update applications that are not Automatic pushed from the console, but installed by the user:

Using this approach would require to create a Workflow for each application and it probably not the best approach for all the applications pushed with Workspace ONE. 

Push profile if app is installed

More and more settings on Mobile depend on applications to be installed first. In most cases it works without any issues, but sometimes its a good idea to install the profile after the applications is installed. As apps and profiles with MDM installs in no direct sequence, this could give issues. 

Now with Freestyle for Mobile you can do this:

For example with a VPN application like Workspace ONE Tunnel, in some cases you would want the application to be already on the device before the profile installs.

Start by checkin the condition if Workspace ONE Tunnel is installed:

Then install the profile:

This use case can be used on all different types of set of apps and profiles. Best about this use case is that the application can be deliver via a regular Apps installation with VPP.

Uplift security on devices with business critical application(s) or profiles

As we all know it is not best practise to use multiple payloads in 1 profile. In some rare cases it is possible, but could cause issues. Main issues that could occur is whenever a profile needs to be re-installed or updated, all the other payloads are impacted:

But as the above profile shows, in some situations you would wanna adjust a couple of settings on the devices after then have installed a certain profile or application

A good example is  uplifting the security on the device with a increased passcode (from 6- 8 chars) whenever secure email is installed on the device. In this example i check on a condition on the device, either secure email profile or boxer on the device, this will install a higher secure passcode profile:

Apply configuration only on newly enrolled device

In some cases you would like a phased roll out of your configuration and don't want to apply this to your current enrolled devices. This is very difficult to accomplish with OG and or Smart Groups within Workspace ONE UEM. But now with Freestyle this becomes very easy. 

In Freestyle there is an attribute condition that can be leveraged to check for the enrollment date/time of device:

As you can see, Freestyle Orchestrator for Mobile opens up a whole new world of possibilities with Workspace ONE UEM. I'm curious about all the use case you can come up with!