VMware Digital Workspace Newsletter - Week 24

                    Week 24 -  2022             Weekly highlight:   [Resolved] AMST-34805: Workspace ONE UEM User-Context commands remain queued for certain re-enrolled Windows Devices (88723) There are two types of MDM enrollment for Windows devices: AAD enrolled (e.g. Windows OOBE) Non-AAD enrolled (regular MDM enrollment) For AAD Enrolled devices, during device check-in, the check-in request contains an unique token for the Device Services (DS) to identify the user identity. DS will only pass user-context commands to the device if current login user matches the associated AAD user record in UEM console. For Non-AAD Enrolled devices, check-in request will not include the aforementioned token and only indicate check-in context through an additional param: maintenance mode: check-in happens when there is an active enrolled user login. machine mode:  check-in happens in the System context and the system does not have access to the user's profile. In this scenario, UEM will hold off

Run Windows 11 on VMware Fusion 'This PC can't run Windows 11'

Have you already tried to run Windows 11 on VMware Fusion for Mac? Probably you will see the following message:'This PC can't run Windows 11'

This is caused by the requirement that for a PC to run Windows 11 it needs to be encrypted AND has a TPM chip on board. Luckily this is very easy to achieve in VMware Fusion following these steps:

First turn off the Virtual Machine (Virtual Machine -> Shut Down) and go to Settings of VMware Fusion (cmd +E )

In settings choose Encryption:

Enable Encryption by checking the box and create a password. This password will be used to decrypt your Virtual Machine.

After enabling encryption, you should add the TPM chip as device. To do this go back to the Settings (cmd + E) and choose Add Device:
In this screen choose Trusted Platform Module and click on Add

After that, start the Virtual Machine and you should be able to install Windows 11.

That's it!


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