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Omnissa Launch Party 

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Securing Your Digital Workspace: The Essential Role of VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel 

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Description: In an era where cybersecurity threats evolve daily, ensuring your digital workspace remains secure against sophisticated attacks is paramount. With recent incidents highlighting the vulnerabilities within traditional VPN solutions, it's clear that a more robust and adaptable approach to remote access security is needed. 

Discover the Zero Trust Model: Learn how this security model can protect your organization against both external and internal threats by enforcing "never trust, always verify" policies.
Gain experience with Workspace ONE Tunnel, showcasing its simplicity in deployment, flexibility, and how it embodies the principles of Zero Trust security.
This session will explain use cases, include demonstrations of VMware WS1 Tunnel across different platforms, and offers the option to get all your questions answered. 

Pim van de Vis 

28th of May 


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Release Updates Week 19-24:  

Workspace ONE Hub 24.04 for macOS 

  • HUBM-7745 - Complete support for the new UEM modernization stack. 
  • HUBM-8169 - Updated to the latest network framework for the command module. 
  • Resolved Issues: 
    • HUBM-8024 - Unable to deploy the Global Protect application on macOS devices 
    • HUBM-8070 - Same macOS Sensors seen frequently when clicking on Scripts in the Hub Catalog 
    • HUBM-8067 - The customer has a hub services template to disable app ratings (macOS) but ratings can still be made to apps in the hub 
    • HUBM-7950 - In the Hub UI, the profile status is showing 'Confirmed Install' but the button next to it shows 'Install' instead of 'Remove' 
    • HUBM-8089 - macOS Hub Hung State 

      VMware Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen - May 06, 2024 - Update 
  • The end-user computing (EUC) division of Broadcom is transitioning from VMware-hosted systems to EUC-hosted systems, which affects product interfaces, links, and documentation, for example: 
    • Horizon Cloud Service documentation is updated to align with the changes described in KB article 97841that apply to Horizon Cloud Service. The preceding KB discusses several key dates and required actions, as such: 
      • The URL for accessing the Horizon Universal Console through the Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub has changed to (previously, the URL was ). Please update your bookmarks or saved links accordingly. 

        Required Actions 
      • If you previously accessed VMware Cloud Services using enterprise federation, no changes are required to access the service at . 
      • If you previously accessed VMware Cloud Services using a VMware ID, you must update your password by resetting it, as your previous password will no longer work. Please perform the following process: 
        1. In your browser, navigate to . 
        2. To reset your password, enter your email and use the Forgot Password link to create a new password, instead of entering your existing password (this step ensures that you can continue accessing your services without issue.) 

          Note: If you use the same VMware ID to log in to Customer Connect and Cloud Services, you only need to reset your password once. 
    • For details regarding Omnissa Customer Connect,, see KB article 97841
    • For Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, in the Horizon Universal Console, the following functionality is temporarily deactivated. 
      • Generating and viewing the license keys for both VMware by Broadcom foundational products and Omnissa products that were previously available through the View Perpetual Keys functionality is temporarily unavailable.
      •  You can obtain the license keys for the VMware by Broadcom foundational products by logging into the Broadcom Support Portal
      • The in-product feedback and in-product help features. 

        Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes - 24.05.06 
  • New Features 
    • We’ve added a new metric, App Last Foreground Time, that the system measures per app and per device using the Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK App Load event.  
    • For this metric to display data, check that your App Load events send data at the device level for each app. 
  • Resolved Issues 
    • INTEL-55859: Fixed an issue with the Device Profile Performance Summary where the line chart was not displaying 
    • INTEL-55883: Fixed an issue where Device Performance charts we not displaying issues when there were issues. 

      Experience Management 2404 for Horizon 
  • Introducing App PerformanceApplication CrashApplication Hang, and Application Usage (Start/Exit/Foreground) telemetry support for Horizon VDI desktop sessions. 
  • App Performance includes date for App NameVersionCPUMemory, and Disk Consumption. Data is aggregated and displayed within Workspace ONE Intelligence, Experience Management for Horizon dashboards. 
    • In the Per Horizon Sessions Performance dashboards, find the top CPU and Memory consumption applications shown per Horizon session.  
    • This data helps you understand which application is causing high CPU or Memory consumption for the Horizon session you are looking at. 
    • The system scores CPU and Memory resource consumption to help you understand application performance at the organization level. 
  • Application Crash and Hang data offers insights into application stability at the organization level. 
    • These events are under the Employee Experience > Apps (Horizon) data category within Workspace ONE Intelligence. 
    • You can check crashes or hangs in the dashboard under Apps for specific offending applications within Workspace ONE Intelligence. 
  • Application Usage-related events provide insights into usage information for specific applications at the organization level. 
  • iOS and iPadOS 17.5 RC (21F79)  
  • tvOS 17.5 RC (21L569)  
  • watchOS 10.5 RC (21T575)  
  • visionOS 1.2 Beta 5 (21O5587a)  

    Additional content available:  
  • Mac Evaluation Utility 4.5.2 

    VMware EUC Security Advisories:  

    ---no new VMSA this week--- 

    EUC UX Research Opportunities:  
  • Our goal is to gather insight into user behaviorsmotivations, and goals, so we can use those insights to inform and strengthen product and design decisions. 
  • Interested in giving your opinion and making your voice heard? Check out what’s available! 

    Opportunity #1 
  • Test a new Tunnel Dashboard in WS1 UEM! 
    • About: Where Admins can access Tunnel analytics and performance data like # connected devices, average daily data transfer, and # total block devices. 
    • What: Focus Group conversation via Zoom to provide feedback on Dashboard. 
    • When: 9-10am CDT (10am EDT, 3pm GMT, 4pm CET) 
      • Group 1: Tuesday 5/14 
      • Group 2: Wednesday 5/15 

      KB Highlights & Announcements Week 19-24:  

      High Priority KBs: 
  • ALAU-171327- Dynamic App Availability
    We're thrilled to announce the introduction of Dynamic App Availability in our latest release. This configurable feature is designed to enhance user experience by automatically detecting and removing inaccessible applications from the Launcher canvas. Whether an app isn't downloaded or is unavailable in specific geographical locations, Dynamic App Availability ensures a seamless and optimized user experience. 
  • ALAU-173017 – Enhanced Speed Lock
    We're excited to unveil the enhanced 'Speed Lock' feature in this update! Now, with our improved Speed Lock functionality, administrators can configure a more versatile experience for devices on the go. Previously, the feature restricted device use while in motion; now, it intelligently displays essential applications such as maps, ensuring convenience and safety for users navigating while traveling. 
  • Resolved Issues 
    • ALAU-172275 & ALAU-172626 – Notification Handling Enhancement in Launcher
      Launcher now boasts improved notification management, offering a more intuitive experience. Users will notice that multiple notifications are displayed simultaneously, rather than just the latest one. Additionally, clearing notifications will no longer occur automatically if only one notification within a group has been read. 
    • ALAU-11984 - Reporting Blocked Activities in Launcher
      We've initiated the reporting of activities blocked by Launcher to UEM. This new functionality empowers administrators to gain detailed insights into all blocked activities on each device. This visibility aids in troubleshooting and facilitates informed decisions regarding the optimal implementation of new applications within Launcher. The UEM functionality is slated to released in a future version (tentatively slated to be part of UEM 24.05) 
    • ALAU-173231 – Launcher SDK has been upgraded to 34 
    • ALAU-173250 – Intel SDK has been upgraded to 24.3.0 

      Workspace ONE Send 24.01.1 for Android 
  • Bug Fixes and General Improvement 

    WS1 Boxer 24.04 for iOS 
  • Screenshot Blocking Improvement
    In the previous Boxer versions the users were advised that their organization does not allow taking screenshots and the admins were alerted but the users were able to take them any way. 

    In this version a huge security improvement is made and when the screenshots are restricted in the UEM console by the existing DLP policy, the users won't be able to take any screenshots of the content. 
  • Support for .zip files preview
    Users can now access and preview the list of content of .zip email attachments directly from their email thread, without the need for external applications. 

    If the users want to see the content of a file in the .zip file options for apps supporting this functionality are presented and the user is directly redirected. 
  • Settings improvements
    Simplification of advanced settings. 
  • Quality improvements and crash fixes 
  • Bug Fixes 

    WS1 Boxer 24.04 for Android 
  • Support for .msg files preview 
    • Users can now access and preview .msg email attachments directly from their email thread, without the need for external applications. 
  • Microsoft Conditional Access Authentication improvement on password change 
    • When the Active Directory password of a user is changed, the user is directly redirected to the Microsoft Authenticator App when he/she taps "Retry Authentication" button. 
  • Phishing reporting improvement 
    • When phishing is reported email is moved to trash instead of being permanently deleted. 
  • Support for Cisco Jabber meeting links 
    • Cisco Jabber meeting links from calendar events are now directly opened from Boxer in Cisco Jabber app. 
    • When Cisco Jabber app is not installed on the device the user gets prompted to have it installed from Google Play Store. 
  • Settings improvements 
    • Simplification of advanced settings. 
  • Quality improvements and crash fixes 

    Sign up or LogIn [HERE] to get access to the latest Beta versions. 

    May Software Releases   





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Horizon Cloud Service Next Gen 

May 06 

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WS1 Intelligence 


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Experience Management 


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Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 19-24  

  • Workspace ONE UEM 23.06 
  • Patch Level: 
  • RUGG-12995  [Custom Attribute API] Unable to create a Custom Attribute with double-byte alphanumeric via API.               
  • MACOS-4449 Add Execution of script to re-install Intelligent Hub Settings profile for already enrolled devices.                          
  • ENRL-4235       Update logging for failure of enrollment restriction check                 
  • CMCM-190990               Remove the command queue to delete content from device during managed content delete                                   
  • AMST-41181    Seed Windows Hub 23.10.7 x86 to UEM console 2310 
  • AAPP-17183    VPP failures while resolving enrollment users 
  • Last Update: CW19 

  • Workspace ONE UEM 24.02 
    • Patch Level: 
    • AGGL-16822: Capability enrichment sample failing post the patch update in environment to update enterprise version. 
    • AGGL-16827: Android Device delete intermittently takes 4 hours to wipe the device. 
    • FCA-207587: DLV tooltip for friendly name is broken. 
    • FCA-207603: Device List view Export is not producing export to download. 
    • AMST-40616: Device state to capture new status for pause. 
    • AMST-40654: Pause status to be displayed in List view. 
    • AMST-41111: Bulk Management settings throwing error. 
    • FS-5414: Matches Found count is incorrect whenever adding/removing Application Versions/Names in Conditions. 
    • Last Update: CW18