EUC Newsletter - Week 2

Weekly highlight:

Workspace ONE UEM is ending support for all basic and advanced Telecom Management capabilities to align investmentwith the next generation of UEM capabilities.


Release Updates Week 02-24

New Apple Builds Are Now Available

New builds of the following software are now available:

  • iOS 17.3 Beta 3 (21D5044a)
  • iPadOS 17.3 Beta 3 (21D5044a)
  • macOS 14.3 Sonoma Beta 3 (23D5051b)
  • tvOS 17.3 Beta 3 (21K5643b)
  • watchOS 10.3 Beta 3 (21S5642a)

VMware EUC Security Advisories: 

--- no new EUC VMSA ---

KB Highlights & Announcements Week 02-24: 

Windows LTSC 2019 is stuck in "Whoops, we've encountered some rough air." on Intelligent Hub 23.10 beta (96139)

  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 23.10 beta will not load the Intelligent Hub application on Windows 10 LTSC 2019. 
    The application will hang on the "Whoops, we've encountered some rough air." page and will not load any additional information.

Workspace ONE SDK apps occasionally non-responsive on latest Android versions (13 and 14) (96087)

  • On Android vesions 13 and 14, we have observed occasional ANR (Application Not Responding) issues in Workspace ONE Android SDK apps using SDK version 23.07 or above. When the issue occurs, the app becomes non-responsive and the user is not able to use it any longer.

High Priority KBs 

Recently updated or added KBs (Links) 

Digital Workspace Techzone, Blog and YouTube Updates 

3rd Party Blog Updates & Industry News 

Patch & Seed Script Updates Week 02-24 

  • Workspace ONE UEM 23.06
    • Patch Level
    • ARES-27165: For autocomplete field, save the data which is entered manually and not selected from dropdown.

    • CMEM-186982: Optimize Stored Procedure to avoid intermittent timeout.

    • ARES-27251: Profile removal is not triggered based on the actual admin time zone after saving the expiration date in UTC.

    • AAPP-16806: Unable to delete ABM stale record from Enrollment lifecycle page.

    • AMST-40301: Seed 23.02.8 patch to Workspace ONE UEM console master.

    • ARES-27280: Certain macOS devices have Windows internal apps assigned.

    • ARES-27256: Sampling is not saving SampleHash in the interrogator hashtable.

    • ENRL-3974: Unable to save enrollment restrictions settings due to inaccurate data in the database.

    • Last Update: CW01