Predefined OG enrollment of iOS with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 23.03

With the release of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 23.03 there is a new feature released called 'App Clip Support':

  • App Clip Support

    • We have created an App Clip that can be accessed before downloading the Intelligent Hub application from This helps the end user to install the Hub Application when on the site by using the native flow that Apple provides us for app installation.

    • You can use App Clip when you use or create a URL that has additional parameters in it. The App Clip will pick up these parameters and when an end user downloads the Intelligent Hub Application, the Server URL and Group ID will be automatically filled out and the user will not have to type it in.

    • For Example, a custom URL with parameters could be

      • Replace and test for the server URL and Group ID respectively and provide this to your end users for an easier installation process.

    OG Structure Workspace ONE UEM 

    Depending on your Organization Structure within Workspace ONE UEM, there are many reasons why you would like the device to be enrolled in a specific Organization Group. One of the reasons could be that the structure is Device OS based, a really common way to divide your Organization Group. This would mean a seperate OG per OS and then probably a child OG for example Ownership, similiar of how i have configured it in the following overview:

    This would allow you to segregate devices and settings and is a very common practise for large scaled environments with 10k+ devices.

    The challenge with any OG structure is how you would allow your users to enroll in one of the OG's without providing the Group ID manually to the user.

    If you are using the above structure, User Group assignement is probably not going to work or makes it difficult to manag:

    So this would leave you with the Default method and with that the new Intelligent Hub feature App Clip can help:

    App Clip enrollment method

    As described above, this feature would allow a device to be enrolled within a specific OG within Workspace ONE UEM. This can be done directly with the link from the VMware website instead of using the Self Service Portal and register the device. The user experience is seamless and uses always the latest Intelligent Hub version provided by (instead of updating it afterward or anything) 

    The link is built up like below and can be used on most tenants and iOS devices:


    • iOS 14+, iPadOS 14+
    • Workspace ONE UEM Console 2109+

    Using the above link in  an email or webclip (you can push it down via a different MDM if you are planning to move to Workspace ONE UEM)

    Even better would be to populate the URL on a internal page where all your users are familiair with, this would allow them to navigate to the link on their iPhone or iPad and seamless enroll in the BYOD OG that you defined in the URL.

    In this video you can see how it works for the user: