New Features - Freestyle Orchestrator for macOS - On Demand and import/export

With the release of UEM 2302 Freestyle Orchestrator also has a couple of new exciting features that i wanted to go through:

On Demand Workflows

In previous releases this was already available for Windows, now also available on macOS devices; On Demand workflows!

One of the best added features for Freestyle Orchestrator if you ask me. Freestyle opens up so many possibilities combining applications, scripts, sensors etc etc. But not all workflows are supposed to be pushed to the devices, what better method is there than to leave it for the user to decide when and     

App Groups On Demand - macOS

A great use case is to provide a set of Applications with a Application group through FSO. In this example i have build one single workflow with Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox which are the most common browsers. For my own experience i have multiple browsers that i need to install and keep updated on my laptop, with a App Group this can be combined:

This is what it looks like in the Intelligent Hub on macOS:

One click and there you go, all the browsers are installed! 

Import / Export

With Workspace ONE UEM 2302 you can now easily import and export workflows, copy workflows.

If your company has multiple UEM Consoles to maintain, for example UAT and a Production console. It can be difficult to move the created Worklows over from UAT to Production without re-creation.

Now with Import and Export this should be much easier:

Go to the Workflow in Freestyle Orchestrator and click on export:

Then depending on the size of the workflow, it will process. You can see it in the process tab. After it is finished you can download it from the Exports tab:

The workflow will be downloaded in a JSON format to your device so it's easy to upload to a different console or OG (Organisation Group). If you go to Freestyle Orchestrator again in the other console, you can choose import workflow.

Make sure you choose the correct OG where you want to upload it, also if you have sensors and/or scripts you can include them in the import.

After the import in my case because it's a different console, the applications had to be uploaded and reassigned before i could use my workflow properly: